Sagemcom launches its offer dedicated to the internet of things

Sagemcom launches its offer dedicated to the internet of things

Sagemcom designed an integrated offer covering the entire value chain of the IoT, from the sensor to the data restitution solution. Founding member of the LoRa™ Alliance, the company made the choice of the LoRaWAN ™ radio protocol.

Sagemcom announces the availability of its integrated and end-to-end offer dedicated to the Internet of Things. The manufacturer relies on its historical experience in the telecom networks, on its R&D excellence in term of communicating terminals and on its know-how in multi-energetic smart count system to design and manufacture the different components to its IoT offer : radio units for sensors and/or connected terminals, transmitters/receivers for data concentration, network core solution, radio network management services and software solutions for the data redistribution to the services providers.

With this offer, Sagemcom targets the connected objects segment requiring several years of autonomy, because they might be difficult to reach and/or energetically isolated, they consume only a bit of energy and they are punctually delivering small quantities of data.

“Faithful to the BtoBtoC model adopted for our Broadband and Energy & Telecom, our goal is to develop for telecom operators and/or energy operators, connected products with which they will equip professional customers and private individuals”, clarifies Patrick Sévian, Sagemcom CEO.

Most of the objects that Sagemcom will allow to communicate are using cells or batteries and exploit free, long range and low power radio frequencies technologies – LWPA – and not technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPRS or LTE.

As a founding member of the LoRa™ Alliance, Sagemcom chose the LoRaWAN™ protocol to ensure the networks and the data exchanges. This protocol uses ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) radio frequencies, allowing a bidirectional connection and supporting variable throughputs while offering a very good resistance to surrounding noises. Moreover, this technology offers a localization service without having to equip the sensors and terminals with a GPS.

By offering the entire technologies required (communication muddles, data concentrator transmitter/receiver and network core servers) to connect between them millions of connected objects through a not-owned protocol, Sagemcom will allow operators to deploy a costless network.

Sagemcom offers its solution either in NaaS (Network as a service) and SaaS (Software as a service) or in CAPEX (investment spending).

Sagemcom’s IoT offer main components

  • End-points: Sagemcom designs and manufactures optimized sized radio modules that can be integrated into Sagemcom others communicating products (multi-energy meters, etc.). The modules can also be acquired and used as sensors by other industrials to be integrated into their own solutions.
  • Transmitter/receiver radio data concentrator: Sagemcom develops a range of gateway (External and inferior pico’s gateway) products and designed a LoRa Femto that can be introduced in its residential platforms.
  • Network Core: Based on the Sagemcom Scape platform, dedicated to communication management, the LoRa™ network core insure the maximal climb up of data in a server that can be hosted in the Cloud. Thus, through a centralized radio resources management, every end-point communicates not only with a single radio transmitter but with the all network.

Patrick Sévian concludes:

“The IoT opens an infinite field of services and applications that will upset the daily life of millions of people and companies in the next few years. Located at the crossroads of our historical activities in terms of communicating terminals’ development, in the world of broadband as well as in the energy world, and telecoms networks’ building up, the Internet of Things is a market on which we had to be present.”

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