OriginGPS Enables Geoforce to Track Field Equipment in the Harshest Environments

OriginGPS Enables Geoforce to Track Field Equipment in the Harshest Environments

OriginGPS’ Spider GPS Module Provides Geoforce GTx Series with Low Power Consumption and Precise Location to Track Container Fleets and Oil and Gas Assets.

OriginGPS today announced that Geoforce, an international provider of asset management solutions for oil and gas and other industries has integrated OriginGPS technology into its GTx series of GPS tracking devices to minimize GPS power consumption while reducing the time to first fix (TTFF) to make it easier for customers to track their assets, even in harsh environments, remote locations and in motion.

“Power is everything for Geoforce,” said Gary Naden, CTO of Geoforce. “We chose OriginGPS because we can rely on them to provide both fast cold fix time anywhere, even with limited sky view, and low power consumption to accommodate non-powered equipment like containers, tanks and trailers. With OriginGPS’ best-in-class technology and constantly improving feature set, we can help our customers gain asset utilization and in-transit visibility to of their container fleet and other assets. The actionable intelligence we provide enables our customers to make faster, fully-informed operational decisions.”

Geoforce is currently utilizing OriginGPS’ Spider module in its GTx series, which includes:

  • The GT1 Global Asset Tracker, a safe and rugged GPS tracker that is the only device of its kind certified to safely operate in the oilfield with its IECEx/ATEX Zone 0 rating;
  • The GT0 Compact Asset Tracker, the first palm-sized global fully-sealed asset tag providing years of operation; and
  • The GTR Powered Equipment Tracker, which brings a new level of innovation to satellite-based tracking devices that report engine run time through advanced reporting features.

geoforce asset tracker“We interface regularly with the sharpest minds at OriginGPS,” said Mr. Naden. “We would not find that type of relationship with any other technology provider. We demonstrate ROI very quickly with our suite of GTx solutions, and in the case of the GT1, we’ve created the world’s most rugged intrinsically safe satellite GPS device for tracking containers and other remote field assets.”

OriginGPS’ Spider module is a miniature GPS receiver that delivers outstanding performance and sensitivity with low power consumption. It achieves a rapid time to first fix (TTFF) of less than one second, with approximately one meter accuracy and -163dBm tracking sensitivity. Because it detects changes in context, temperature, and satellite signals, it achieves a state of near continuous availability, while consuming mere microwatts of precious battery power.

“It is an honor to have our technology incorporated into a product line that helps customers stay compliant, efficient, and most importantly, safe,” said Gal Jacobi, CEO of OriginGPS.

“Asset tracking in the oil and gas industry demands top-of-line GPS modules that can do it all: they have to be able to provide information from very remote locations, and because a wide variety of equipment is not connected to a dedicated power source, low power consumption is crucial to determine the location of assets.”

“We are proud to be a part of Geoforce’s products that make it easy for oil and gas operators to track remote, highly valuable, mission critical assets using their reliable, long-lasting devices.”

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