Telit IoT Platform Enables CelloTrack Nano System

Telit IoT Platform Enables CelloTrack Nano System

Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced that Cellocator, a Pointer Telocation division, has selected the Telit IoT Platform as the underlying IoT Cloud infrastructure for its new CelloTrack Nano system.

The Platform, powered by deviceWISE, automatically performs all the critical connection, management and integration functions to simplify deployments of the Nano system across markets and industries worldwide.

The CelloTrack Nano system enables real-time status monitoring of Goods in Transit. That includes location and a variety of critical operational sensing of the cargo or asset in real time, using a portable hub and a short range Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). The sensors monitoring capabilities include temperature, humidity, light, pressure, impact, movement, tampering, sound, and more. It ensures continuous recording, enables event-triggered logic and ‘management by exceptions’ through flexible programming of business rules to eliminate supply chain mistakes, avoid delays or damages and reduce insurance expenses.

“We see high demand for the CelloTrack Nano in our traditional markets and count on Telit’s platform to bring us to the new IoT market,” said Joshua Rozanski, VP Sales & Marketing, Pointer Telocation.

“By using the scalable, comprehensive Telit IoT Platform, Pointer has been able to concentrate on the rapid creation of a compelling, market-driven end-to-end solution.”

“Pointer has been a valued customer of Telit’s modules for almost a decade and we are pleased that they have now also selected the Telit IoT Platform as the go-to-market technology solution for their newly announcement Nano system,” said Gideon Rogovsky, SVP of Sales and Marketing, Telit IoT Platforms. “The deviceWISE Ready certification offers CelloTrack Nano instant exposure across our thriving deviceWISE ecosystem and opens instant opportunities with our global network of business partners and customers.”

The Telit IoT Platform connects “things” to “apps” – seamlessly integrating any devices, production assets and remote sensors with web-based and mobile apps and enterprise systems. The Platform reduces risk, time-to-market, complexity and cost of deploying solutions for monitoring and control, industrial automation, asset tracking and field service operations across all industries and market segments around the world.

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