Numerex Announces iManage Solution, Enabling Real-Time Visibility into Manufacturing Logistics

Numerex Announces iManage Solution, Enabling Real-Time Visibility into Manufacturing Logistics

Leveraging the nxFAST Industrial IoT Platform, iManage Wirelessly Tracks Materials Flows Between Factories and Suppliers.

Numerex Corp, a leading provider of interactive and on-demand machine-to-machine (M2M) products and technology enabling the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced the iManage™ industrial IoT solution allowing manufacturers to wirelessly track, manage, and analyze the flow of production parts, assemblies and racks between factories, suppliers and warehouses.

Built on Numerex’s cloud-based, horizontal delivery platform, iManage alerts supply chain professionals in the event of a stoppage, slowdown, or other issue; ensuring that production facilities continue to operate without experiencing material shortages, incurring expedited shipping charges, or suffering unplanned downtime. In addition, iManage provides data for tracking compliance with 3PL service-level agreements, and mitigates loss or theft of shipping racks, containers, or high-value inventory.

“With the geographic diversity of suppliers and plants, a significant challenge for many manufacturing companies is managing the complexity of production and distribution processes outside their own facilities,” said Mike Lang, SVP of IoT Solutions for Numerex.

“iManage gives managers real-time visibility into materials flow beyond the boundaries of their factory to uncover delays before they become problematic.”

“iManage is currently integrated into the operations of a leading manufacturing company that regularly ships containers to various manufacturing locations, and among multiple suppliers’ facilities to build their products,” Lang said. “The solution has been proven to maximize production efficiencies, minimize inventory, and significantly reduce waste in this real-world use case, time and again.”

A key feature of the solution takes SmartData™ from tracking devices in the iManage system and makes it visible in reports, alerts, and notifications tracking the location, movement, dwell and cycle times of items. This allows supply chain professionals to understand what is necessary to keep their production processes flowing smoothly. The iManage solution also features a dashboard with quick snapshots of key metrics, configurable device reporting schedules, integrated mapping visualization, advanced analytics and the ability to add and manage multiple geofences within a simple-to-use application.

Global Manufacturing Study Shows Early Signs of Adoption of Groundbreaking Machine-to-Data Technologies With China Leading the WayiManage utilizes Numerex’s nxFAST™, an extended, end-to-end industrial IoT platform specifically designed for building and rapidly deploying secure, flexible, and scalable solutions for enterprise-class industrial and commercial businesses. The solution quickly yields new insights not previously made available through the use of other solutions. This allows users to uncover the “blind spots” in their supply chains and take actions to optimize operations. The resulting savings and productivity improves competitiveness and profitability.

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