MultiTech Takes Remote Device Deployment, Management and Maintenance to New Heights with MultiTech DeviceHQ

MultiTech Takes Remote Device Deployment, Management and Maintenance to New Heights with MultiTech DeviceHQ

First IoT Application Store and Tool Set for Quicker Deployment and Centralized Management of the Latest Generation of MultiTech devices.

Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of innovative connected technology for the industrial Internet of Things, today announced the launch of MultiTech DeviceHQ™. The new robust support system is a remotely hosted application store and tool set for customizing, deploying in volume and centrally managing the latest generation of MultiTech devices, including the leading IoT gateway, MultiConnect Conduit™.

“MultiTech has a real vision for the industrial Internet of things, but unlike others they are backing it with real products that are easy to connect, configure and code. I have not doubt they will become the go to vendor for system integrators working in the IIoT/M2M space,” said Lawrence Griffith, solution architect at Industrial Internet Co.

MultiTech DeviceHQ takes remote device management and maintenance to a new level by providing an application marketplace, allowing users to browse applications (or build their own) then easily deploy and customize them to manage, control and monitor remote devices from any location. The announcement further reinforces MultiTech’s commitment to providing leading, innovative solutions to its customers.

Daniel Quant, at MultiTech said:

“DeviceHQ incorporates all the functionality of MultiTech Device Manager, on which so many M2M and IoT applications already rely for remote monitoring, upgrades, and configuration of entire device populations.”

“Whether users have one or more than 10,000 devices to manage, DeviceHQ simplifies access to their devices, resulting in lower total cost of ownership and increased operational efficiency.”

DeviceHQ features a Marketplace of Node-RED IoT applications for IT professionals and developers looking to leverage the ease of use and time to deployment of a graphical environment. Custom IoT applications are built from a library of pre-packaged Java Script based nodes, Node-RED provides a codeless, drag-and-drop, flow-base user interface. Additional benefits include:

Ability to reduce cost and complexity:

  • Simplify field deployment of gateways with zero touch provisioning
  • Manage the health of deployed assets from a single web based application – reduce truck rolls
  • Update firmware and custom applications remotely

Enable Edge Intelligence:

  • Process events at the point of incident, not at a central server
  • Increase efficiency of data channel
  • Take action locally even when no network connection is available

Easily build applications and leverage industry expertise:

  • Third party developers can build and deploy their Apps
  • Work can be private or shared with other users
  • Access the development effort of the broader M2M community
  • Reduce cost of developing and scaling deployment of custom solutions

Device HQ is pivotal in accelerating deployment and managing the latest generation of MultiTech devices, including MultiConnect rCell 100 series and the new Conduit™ Intelligent Gateway. MultiConnect Conduit™ is the industry’s most configurable, manageable, and scalable communications gateway for industrial IoT applications and is ideal for numerous market segments including Agricultural, Industrial, Smart Cities, and Medical. Each Conduit gateway has the ability to manage thousands of MultiConnect® mDots, low cost LoRaWAN ready modules able to connect sensors or appliances and transmit their data over any cellular network to a customer’s preferred data management platform.

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