Numerex Announces IoT Upgrade Program With T-Mobile US

Numerex Announces IoT Upgrade Program With T-Mobile US

2G to LTE Migration Offering Supports a Long Term, Sustainable Technology Strategy for Customers With Internet of Things Deployments.

Numerex Corp., a leading provider of interactive and on-demand machine-to-machine (M2M) products and technology enabling the Internet of Things (IoT), announced today a technology upgrade program with T-Mobile US, Inc. This new program offers customers a migration path to move from their old 2G devices to long-term and sustainable LTE technology. In advance of the impending 2G turndown, the program provides an attractive and cost-effective alternative for customers with 2G devices who have not yet upgraded to modern technology.

With this announcement of the “LTE for the IoT” program, Numerex brings to bear its industry leading technology, service, and support. The offering combines Numerex’s module, device, and platform expertise with T-Mobile’s Data Strong™ nationwide 4G LTE network. This program helps to “remove the pain” often experienced when customers attempt to upgrade their IoT deployments.

The significant value of the program comes from the combined strengths of Numerex and T-Mobile to deliver a complete LTE upgrade solution built on the award-winning Numerex nxFAST™ IoT platform and riding on T-Mobile’s nationwide LTE network. The program offers customers support across all phases of the upgrade path including assistance in managing the upgrade from beginning to end.

Through the “LTE for the IoT” program, customers receive a bundled product offering including module, device, platform, network and professional services. The offering includes:

  • Migration transition plan
  • Wireless communication modules designed for IoT applications
  • Numerex iNSITE™ device management platform
  • Integration with Numerex’s soon to be released CloudConnect™ services
  • T-Mobile 4G LTE network access with 3G backup, as needed
  • Long term device lifecycle support
  • Optional Finance Program
  • Volume incentive plan

“We’re partnering with market-leaders like Numerex so our customers get a faster, lower-cost, better way to transition from 2G to LTE and help future-proof their IoT products,” said Doug Chartier, SVP of MVNO, Partner Brands & National Accounts at T-Mobile US. “Together, we’re breaking down barriers and lowering costs for companies in one of the hottest spaces in wireless today.”

“We are pleased to partner with T-Mobile,” said Marc Zionts, CEO of Numerex.

“There are still thousands of IoT deployments across the country that rely on 2G network service. While most people understand that 2G will soon ‘go dark,’ there are many who have not yet planned their path forward.”

“This program, featuring Numerex and T-Mobile, is designed to make that transition simple, efficient, and painless. We are extremely optimistic about its reception in the marketplace, and we look forward to working with T-Mobile to assist customers plan and execute their upgrades.”

Numerex’s nxFAST™ IoT horizontal platform delivers a cost effective, versatile, scalable solution. That platform enables timely development and deployment of complete solutions including, in this case, LTE-enabled devices and applications that are tailor made for the T-Mobile network. The agreement will allow Numerex to deploy fully-functional, market-ready, IoT solutions on T-Mobile’s nationwide LTE network.

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