Plat’Home Releases OpenBlocks® IoT BX1G Ultra-Compact Microserver for M2M/IoT System Architecture

Plat'Home Releases OpenBlocks® IoT BX1G Ultra-Compact Microserver for M2M/IoT System Architecture

IoT Connectivity for Every Thing.

Tokyo- On September 15, 2015, leading micro server manufacturer Plat’Home Co., Ltd. announced the release of OpenBlocks® IoT BX1G. OpenBlocks® IoT BX1G is a micro server specially designed for IoT (Internet of Things) architecture.

Plat’Home’s OpenBlocks® series of compact Linux micro servers have been adopted by major carriers, electronic surveillance networks, sensor networks and other enterprises in the internet telecommunications field. Ultra-compact OpenBlocks® computer appliances now permeate the industry with over 80,000 units sold to date. In recent years use of these micro servers as gateway devices for various sensor and M2M/IoT networks has become increasingly widespread.

The newly released OpenBlocks® IoT BX1G boasts the same exceptional reliability, flexibility and computing performance as previous units in the OpenBlocks® series. In addition, new wired and wireless interfaces allow it to connect with a wider variety of sensors making it ideal for use as a M2M/IoT gateway.

Additionally, OpenBlocks® IoT BX1G is only 8 percent in size (by volume) than previously released OpenBlocks® (OpenBlocks® AX3) products. This allows it to be installed in extremely small spaces where such devices were previously not thought possible. As a result, the OpenBlocks® IoT BX1G will make new uses possible and help to usher in the IoT era.

An IoT Gateway with On-Board 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, that is able to Collect, Process and Transmit Data from a Variety of Sensors

When implementing IoT (Internet of Things) systems a variety of sensors—monitoring items such as atmospheric temperature, air pressure, electricity, light, blood pressure or body temperature—must be connected to a network to communicate with the cloud, data center or other host system. A gateway converts different interfaces and protocols and allow these sensors to connect to the network.

Because of the great variety of interfaces used by sensors, utilizing a single gateway to connect all sensors has traditionally been difficult. The large size of the gateways has also posed problems for design layout, while spec and OS limitations have prevented free implementation of applications. Because of these issues the selection and installation of gateways has involved significant trouble and cost when constructing IoT systems.

OpenBlocks® IoT BX1G, however, helps solve these issues through the following advantages:

  • Ultra-compact form factor : At just 41.6 mm (W) x 96mm (D) x 11.3mm (H), the OpenBlocks® IoT BX1G can be installed in nearly any location or environment and does not pose hurdles for design layout.
  • Equipped with a variety of wired and wireless interfaces : The OpenBlocks® IoT BX1G is equipped with wireless communication capabilities including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and can also connect to wired interfaces, such as RS-485, RS-232C, GPIO and Ethernet, using optional cables.
  • On-Board 3G (W-CDMA) Communication Module: The ultra-compact casing includes an on-board 3G Communication module that allows it to connect to host networks from nearly any location.
  • Powerful CPU and Extensive Memory : The OpenBlocks® IoT BX1G is equipped with an Intel SoC processor based on 22nm process technology, 1GB of RAM and 4GB of Flash ROM. This gives it the computing performance demanded by IoT edge side devices.
  • Equipped with Linux Complete Package for Easy Implementation of Applications : The micro server’s general-purpose Debian GNU/Linux OS makes implementation of a variety of applications easy. Eliminating the difficulty of implementation allows for faster construction of IoT systems.


  • As an IoT gateway to mediate between various sensors and host networks
  • As a fog computing node to provide edge-side computing power
  • As an M2M/IoT router to connect multiple sensors via internet

Jonathan Ballon, Vice President, Internet of Things Group General Manager, Markets and Channels Acceleration Division at Intel Corporation, said:

“Plat’Home has developed a unique, ultra-compact sized Edison-based IoT Gateway and Edge Node Computer connecting various sensors, beacons and devices to Cloud.”

“This product continues and expands Plat’Home’s impressive track record in Linux Server manufacturing and we are looking forward to working closely with Plat’Home in providing easily configurable, manageable and scalable IoT solutions to customers in Japan and worldwide.”


  • OpenBlocks® IoT BX1G (ref: OBSBX1G) – Open price
  • CPU : Intel® Atom™ Processor 500MHz (dual-core)
  • Main Memory: 1GB (LPDDR3)
  • Flash ROM: 4GB (eMMC)
  • Internal interface: 3G(W-CDMA)¹ – Bluetooth 4.0 – Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11a/b/g/n)
  • External Interface: USB 2.0 (Type-A) Cable
  • Case size: 41.6mm(W)x 96mm(D)x 11.3mm(H) (a excluding protrusions)
  • Certification: FCC class-B ・ NRTL ・ IC ・ CE ・ VCCI class-B ・ JATE/TELEC
  • Power Supply : DC 5V
  • OS :Debian GNU/Linux
¹ 3G(UMTS/HSPA+: Five band 800/850/900/1900/2100MHz) / 2G(GSM/GPRS/EDGE: Quad band 850/900/1800/1900MHz)

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