Sagemcom Scores a New Important AMI Deal With EPS Serbia Within a Consortium Led by Atos

Sagemcom Scores a New Important AMI Deal With EPS Serbia Within a Consortium Led by Atos

The consortium Atos-Sagemcom will supply, deploy, manage and monitor more than 216 000 smart meters in Serbia.

Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS), the state-own electricity provider of Serbia, has selected the Consortium led by Atos Worldgrid, with Sagemcom as co-contractor and locally supported by local partners such as EWG & Atos Serbia to take part to this first phase of the smart metering roll-out and lay down the strong foundation of the modernization of the electricity distribution infrastructure of Serbia.

In the frame of this project, Sagemcom will provide, in a full IPV6 architecture, ITU G3 PLC smart meters, gateways, GPRS C&I smart meters and associated Head End System (M2M Engine). The integration and monitoring of the global solution will be managed by Atos, based on its proven “Atos Smart Grid Suite” (ASGS). Last but not least, this enhanced innovative solution will support state of the art and future proof DLMS end to end security.

On this basis, each consortium member brings its own expertise on each sector and stratum of the offered solution. This approach will incontrovertibly ensure the good execution of such a dimensioning project for Serbia.

Furthermore, with this project, Sagemcom demonstrates once more its leading position in EMEA as a supplier of turnkey smart metering solutions based on ITU G3 PLC standard and/or Point to Point (GPRS/3G/LTE) including key features such as multi-utility interface and smart grid architecture.

Commenting on this award, Eric Rieul, Deputy CEO of Sagemcom Energy & Telecom SAS, said:

“Through this project, Sagemcom confirms the recognition of its expertise on the latest smart metering solutions as well as its capability to tackle and carry out dimensioning projects with credible partners and integrators.”

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