Axiros Transforms Retail Operations with IoT

Axiros Transforms Retail Operations with IoT

Partners with Exito to deploy management and monitoring solutions to department stores.

Axiros, a leader in device management and IoT solutions for service providers, enterprises, and OEMs, and Grupo Exito (Almacenes Exito S.A.), the largest retail company in Colombia, today announced that Axiros will provide 600 of Exito’s department stores with a sophisticated management and monitoring platform to handle all of its multi-vendor equipment for its retail store chain.

Exito will use the Axiros AXPERIENCE® IoT Suite to control the switches, access points, kiosks, barcode readers, barcode printers, tablets, and other network devices inside the retailers creating a state-of-the-art IoT environment. By monitoring and managing all of these devices on the same platform, Exito is able to optimize their operations and maximize their efficiencies better than ever, saving resources and reducing costs.

“Exito Group has decided to implement Axiros AXPERIENCE IoT Suite to manage and provision our devices in stores and warehouses,” said Erika Torres Carrasquilla, Exito’s Project Manager.
“Axiros AXPERIENCE is a platform that is integrating devices from different technologies and suppliers, allowing us to streamline our business processes and have safer equipment configurations in the data network. It also provides remote management of equipment, management of customized alerts, and we can graphically identify their status, allowing preventive actions and reducing service time and point of sale support.”

She continued:

“We expect to achieve significant savings in the cost of implementation, maintenance and support of our inventory of geographically distributed technologies such as switches, access points, kiosks, barcode readers, barcode printers, tablets and other network devices.”

“We are convinced it will be a successful project and will result in significant benefits for our IT Department and the entire Organization.”

“We agree: Exito’s IT department, internal support team, store employees and customers will see a tremendous improvement in process and quality of service with the introduction of the Axiros IoT platform,” added Kurt Peterhans, CEO of Axiros. “Extending Axiros’ device management and monitoring to retail was a logical fit for us, and Exito is proof that when executed as part of a well-designed IoT strategy, excellent results can be achieved for all involved.”

“We had a desire to help our clients roll out IoT but faced an unfulfilled need for a robust underlying solution,” added Sergio Luna, ITS Infocom Country Manager Colombia.
“The Axiros IoT Suite, AXPERIENCE, is the tool for which we (and many enterprises) have been waiting. With its multi-vendor support and extensive customization options, AXPERIENCE provides us with the perfect solution to address the retail and enterprise markets in all countries in which ITS Infocom has a presence, and it was ideal for Exito’s needs.”

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