Helium Makes Sense of the Internet of Things

Helium Makes Sense of the Internet of Things

Helium Platform Brings the Rapid Innovation Cycle of Cloud Software to Create IoT Solutions Quickly, Securely and at Enterprise Scale.

Helium, a San Francisco-based Internet of Things (IoT) company that makes sense of your things, today announced the launch of the Helium platform and solutions. Helium is an integrated platform for enterprise and industry to monitor, learn and capture insights from the existing physical things in their environment and create business value based on those insights. From wireless connected sensors to complex event processing, Helium gives businesses the power of perception by sensing temperature, motion, sound, pressure, moisture and more for intelligent solutions that can increase efficiency, avoid loss from equipment failure and reduce downtime.

According to Gartner, 26 billion things will be connected by 2020. Companies of all sizes want to enter the IoT market, but many are challenged by the complexities involved with implementing IoT systems in their environment. Helium combines smart sensors, cloud infrastructure for complex data analytics and the Helium Network to solve this challenge by offering a fully integrated, end-to-end platform, including network connectivity, data management, business logic and analytics and a cloud management dashboard.

Helium offers a new standard for ease of deployment and management, as well as a unique software-led approach to expansion and customization. Unlike traditional sensor providers that are focused primarily on connectivity, Helium’s approach adds intelligence and new capabilities that help connected things learn over time, allowing customers to evolve their system by asking sensors to behave differently.

Rob Chandhok, president and chief operating officer of Helium, said:

“Helium is transforming the enterprise IoT market by removing complexity and introducing a smart sensor platform that can improve companies’ bottom lines through powerful and actionable insights and a simple, elegant user experience.”

“There is immense potential in giving physical things the power of perception to provide businesses with the tools they need to make highly informed decisions. Helium’s platform is an end-to-end solution that moves at the speed of software so your insights grow along with your business.”

Helium sensor platformHelium Sensors – Intelligence at the Edge

Helium’s optimized sensors can be unboxed and deployed within minutes, and include multiple sensing inputs, Helium’s secure wireless network and local computing power, all in a single, compact form factor. For example, one Helium sensor can measure temperature and door status in a single unit and be enabled on a refrigerator with just the pull of a battery tab. Once deployed, Helium’s smart sensors use combined data intelligently to make monitoring both sophisticated and simple. All the edge components of Helium can always be upgraded over the air and are completely secure. Most deployments will see more than a year of battery life from two standard AA batteries, as the Helium platform optimizes how often sensors send and receive data for the best battery life possible.

Helium Cloud – Storage and Analytics for Insight

Helium’s cloud platform is an always-on, optimized infrastructure for managing flows of real-time and historical data at scale, such as monitoring the health of temperature-sensitive equipment. The Helium solution for temperature monitoring comes packaged with numerous prebuilt alerts for immediate value and the ability to easily add new alert rules as necessary over large sets of equipment across the enterprise. Helium can use machine learning to dynamically monitor for abnormal behavior, deliver real-time alerts in alignment with an organization’s preferred processes and use advanced analytics to ensure compliance with regulations. Every sensor reading is stored in Helium’s cloud infrastructure, allowing for historical and real-time access for any business need.

Helium Network – Secure Low Power Wireless That Just Works

Helium Network includes an optimized wireless network that enables low power, long-range and secure communication between sensors and the cloud. Helium Network access points are small pieces of network hardware that are deployed in minutes and go virtually unnoticed in any environment. The network operates at both 2.4GHz and 900MHz bands dynamically to avoid congestion with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth traffic. Whether a business is deploying 10 or 10,000 sensors, Helium makes it easy to grow and manage the deployed network on demand with no restrictions or limits. Helium sensors that measure ambient light, humidity, movement, and many other inputs can be added to the same network at low marginal cost, and their data can be seamlessly used by multiple solutions.

Solutions in Healthcare and Food & Beverage Markets

Helium is currently partnering with hospitals and healthcare organizations and the food, beverage and grocery industry to offer smart refrigeration systems. Through smart managed systems, any industry can better adhere to compliance and regulation guidelines by monitoring storage conditions to ensure adherence to health and safety standards and avoid spoilage or lost inventory. Helium enables reduced risk and improved safety, particularly for hospitals, including inventory monitoring of refrigerated items such as blood bags and vaccines, to prevent loss of samples and to ensure compliance. Finally, Helium can reduce parts, maintenance and operating costs by predicting machine failures or outages before they occur.

The Helium platform is available now. For more information, please visit www.helium.com.

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