SOGEDO Chooses SIGFOX’s Internet of Things Network To Bring Enhanced Water-management Services to Customers

SOGEDO Chooses SIGFOX’s Internet of Things Network To Bring Enhanced Water-management Services to Customers

Major French Water-distribution Company Will Offer Remote Meter Reading And Real-time Usage Data for Consumers.

SOGEDO, France’s fourth-largest water-distribution company, today announced it will implement an array of service innovations over the SIGFOX Internet of Things network. The new offerings, developed in cooperation with SIGFOX, include automatic remote water-meter reading and real-time analysis of usage data for customers.

Primary concerns for local authorities include improving operations and network efficiency, as well as promoting more sustainable use of water resources by users. SOGEDO is convinced that efficient use of water networks requires immediate and responsive information management stemming from full visibility of system operations for local water providers.

Using SIGFOX’s dedicated IoT network to collect reliable and real-time data from water pipes, water meters and other equipment, SOGEDO allows local authorities to monitor their networks in real-time, optimize infrastructure management thanks to District Metering Areas (DMA) and respond immediately to emergency situations such as pipeline leaks. Real-time access to usage data also allows users to manage their water consumption and their expenses.

Nicolas Vivian, technical director of SOGEDO, said:

“Our partnership with SIGFOX enables quick implementation of smart-utility features across our entire system, which will improve performance of water-service providers and make them more efficient and competitive.”

“In addition, SIGFOX’s easily integrated connectivity and excellent performance indoors enable any water meter set to be installed on the water network to transmit its data.”

Already operated or being deployed in the U.S and 10 European countries, SIGFOX’s network does not require any additional infrastructure deployment for its customers. As a truly open system, SIGFOX closely works with the world’s leading radio module and smart-metering manufacturers, allowing any utility-service provider to quickly create and offer innovative services.

“The vast majority of smart-utility devices that will be connected to the IoT will require very simple, economical and low-energy connectivity to communicate their data,” said Stuart Lodge, SIGFOX executive vice president, global sales & partners. “SOGEDO is another strong example of a company that carefully weighed the alternatives for efficiently and easily bringing the benefits of the Internet of Things to their customers, and chose the most appropriate solution available.”

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