Survey Finds Internet Of Things Key To Achieving Operational Efficiencies

Survey Finds Internet Of Things Key To Achieving Operational Efficiencies

Daintree Networks®, the leader in open networked wireless building control and operation solutions for smart buildings, today announced that is has collaborated with Peerless Research Group (PRG) on behalf of Modern Materials Handling and surveyed hundreds of warehouse professionals to better understand how enterprises are embracing and adopting the Internet of Things (IoT).

The results showed that while IoT adoption is clearly still in its early stages, over 10 percent have programs underway or in the planning stages, and 30 percent acknowledge that IoT is a reality today in the industry. These findings along with other results in the survey support that the IoT is now moving from concept to practical application in the industrial and warehouse environments.

“The full survey includes valuable insights regarding organizational challenges, planned green initiatives, and perspectives on employee comfort and more, but the IoT information was the most compelling,” explained Mandeep Khera, VP of Marketing and Channels, Daintree Networks, Inc.

“While the overall understanding of the concept is still low, it’s changing. Over half of the respondents are now familiar with the IoT, and a significant portion believe the IoT will be very important to operational efficiency. It is clear that warehouse decision-makers still need more information and education about IoT. But the results confirm that an increasing number of decision makers understand that by adopting IoT technologies, organizations can monitor multiple applications and leverage control solutions to enable greater energy efficiencies and reduce costs. Daintree will continue to raise awareness for IoT and with its open standards-driven solutions, narrow the chasm between Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) functions for all organizations including the industrial and warehouse sector.”

Key Survey Results

  • 91 percent have ‘green’ or ‘environmental’ initiatives implemented or planned
  • 70 percent have plans to or are implementing new lighting, fixtures and/or controls
  • 32 percent leverage lighting and thermostat controls to manage employee comfort
  • Only about 3 percent believe the Internet of Things (IoT) is hype
  • About 60 percent believe the IoT is important for improving overall operational efficiencies
Adoption Barriers

  • 47 percent noted “lack of budget” as the key hurdle to achieving their operational goals
  • About 45 percent do not have visibility into their energy usage
  • 21 percent have no idea of what they’ll spend on energy management
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