Numerex Announces Extension of 2G GSM Network Connectivity for IoT Deployments Through 2020

Numerex Announces Extension of 2G GSM Network Connectivity for IoT Deployments Through 2020

Move Designed to Deliver Crucial 2G Support Today, and Provide a Pathway for Managed Service LTE Upgrades in the Future.

Numerex Corp, a leading provider of managed machine-to-machine (M2M) enterprise solutions enabling the Internet of Things (IoT), announced today that it will continue to support IoT customers with 2G network connectivity through 2020 via the T-Mobile US, Inc. network.

Since so many IoT devices are still operating on 2G networks, this decision offers current 2G customers longevity of their existing deployed assets, while still giving them time to plan for LTE migration in the future. Viewed as a potential device saving solution, this extension provides a pathway to upgrade to LTE directly from 2G, bypassing 3G altogether and possibly saving millions of IoT devices from ‘going dark’ as a result of 2G turndowns on other networks.

Marc Zionts, CEO, Numerex, said:

“Providing an extended 2G timeline removes a step in the process by giving customers the opportunity to move right to LTE, bypassing a 3G upgrade altogether.”

“In addition, T-Mobile’s 2G extension through 2020, with a glide-path to LTE, could help IoT enterprises realize huge savings in several ways – by allowing them to maintain their 2G devices, prevent device write offs and write downs, and avoid costly truck rolls to pull 2G devices from the field. There are still many thousands of IoT deployments across the country that rely on 2G network service who have not yet finalized their business plans for the eventual turndown, so extending the timeframe to do that is just what this segment of the market needs.”

“Extending our 2G network through 2020 gives our IoT customers choice – a key tenant of the Un-carrier revolution. We are excited to provide our customers with a mobile network platform which supports a longer-term transition from 2G to LTE, helping future-proof tomorrow’s IoT solutions,” said Doug Chartier, senior vice president of MVNO, Partner Brands & National Accounts at T-Mobile. “Addressing this customer pain point and working with our M2M resellers to deliver a plan toward LTE solutions helps solve a critical problem for the entire M2M and IoT ecosystem.”

The 2G to LTE pathway is supported by Numerex’s nxFAST™ IoT horizontal platform. nxFAST is a cost effective, versatile, scalable solution that enables timely development and deployment of complete solutions including, in this case, 2G and LTE-enabled devices and applications that are tailor made for T-Mobile’s network. Numerex, as a single source provider of IoT managed solutions, has the skill, experience, and expertise to help customers throughout all phases of the IoT lifecycle.

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