Semtech LoRa® Technology Selected by Schneider Electric for Next Generation Metering and Smart Building Applications

Semtech LoRa® Technology Selected by Schneider Electric for Next Generation Metering and Smart Building Applications

Semtech LoRa platform chosen for its long range performance, energy efficiency and compatibility with existing systems.

Semtech Corporation, a leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors, today announced that LoRa® wireless RF technology has been selected by Schneider Electric, a worldwide leader and global specialist in energy management and automation, for use in building monitoring solutions, electrical load switching devices, grid monitoring systems, HVAC controls and predictive maintenance tools.

Schneider Electric selected Semtech’s LoRa RF technology because its long-range capability solves many system installation challenges, it is very energy efficient, and it is compatible with legacy systems and standards, speeding up the installation process and minimizing infrastructure costs.

The companies plan to develop a combined LoRa Wireless RF, LoRaWAN™ and WMBus solution. WMBus communication provides backwards compatibility with legacy systems, while LoRaWAN enables new business models through the deployment of nationwide low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN) by Mobile Network Operators (MNO). Stackforce GmHb in Germany developed the SW stacks optimized for Schneider Electric products utilizing Semtech LoRa RF transceivers.

Olivier Coutelou from Schneider Electric, said:

“The LoRa technology is ideal for our use cases and allows Schneider to improve our products for our customers. LoRaWAN and partnerships with MNOs deploying the LoRa networks are opening up many new opportunities for Schneider Electric.”

Semtech LoRa smart metering & smart buildingBoth Semtech and Schneider Electric are active members in the LoRa® Alliance, which is standardizing the LoRaWAN protocol for LPWAN and the Internet of Things (IoT). The LoRa Alliance is the fastest growing alliance in the technology sector with adoption by market leaders, such as Schneider Electric, that are working with MNOs in Europe to develop solutions that will be deployed in standardized LoRaWAN nationwide networks.

“It is a pleasure to work with market leaders such as Schneider that have exceptional products and design expertise,” said Francois Sforza, Director of Business Development for the Wireless, Sensing and Timing Product Group at Semtech. “It is a strong start to a partnership that is expected to help drive the success of Semtech and Schneider for years to come.”

Key Features of LoRa RF Technology:

  • Long Range: A single LoRa base station enables deep penetration capability for dense urban environments and indoor coverage, while also providing the ability to connect to sensors more than 15-30 miles away in rural areas.
  • Low Cost: LoRa reduces both upfront infrastructure investments and operating costs, as well as end-node sensor costs.
  • Standardized: LoRaWAN ensures interoperability among applications, IoT solution providers and telecom operators to speed adoption and deployment.
  • Low Power: The LoRaWAN protocol was developed specifically for low power and enables unprecedented multi-year battery lifetime.

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