Zentri’s Breakthrough Secure Connected Product Platform for the Internet of Things Demonstrates Dramatic Partner and Customer Traction

Zentri’s Breakthrough Secure Connected Product Platform for the Internet of Things Demonstrates Dramatic Partner and Customer Traction

Zentri, pioneering a breakthrough connected device platform for the Internet of Things (IoT), transforms product companies into recurring revenue engines through connected products.

Connected products enable continuous customer engagement with the ability for product companies to sell new premium features and highly profitable services.

The Zentri Secure Connected Product Platform tightly couples cloud based Device Management Services, Mobile OS SDK’s, and ZentriOS – a full featured operating system (OS) for resource constrained products and delivers instantly manageable connected products. ZentriOS is the result of years of development to provide a trusted operating environment that manages all over-the-air updates, networking, security, database, and cloud integration for products.

The Zentri platform, at its core, includes ZentriOS powered devices working in concert with the Zentri Device Management Service (DMS), allowing connected products to get to market in weeks versus years and, in addition, enables:

  • A first of its kind enterprise app store experience for resource constrained embedded product apps
  • reliable, secure & worry-free over the air software updates along with product geo-location
  • amazingly simple product setup, control and management using mobile apps
  • programmatic direct access to devices even when there is no internet connectivity, a common requirement for field service of industrial products

Zentri development platformThis unique and powerful approach is now available on a broad set of platforms from silicon vendors including NXP, ST Microelectronics, Broadcom, Atmel, etc. A strong validation of Zentri’s Secure Connected Product Platform, that features a full OS with built in communications stack rather than an insecure feature-less “agent,” is the recently announced go-to-market partnership with NXP Semiconductor N.V., where Zentri delivered the secure connected product platform for the LPC43xx microcontroller family.

In addition to the lightning fast developer experience for building a connected product, this model allows ZentriOS powered devices to opt-in to additional services such as the Zentri Cloud Service for data analytics, control and monitoring or use an IT approved cloud service such as Amazon AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT, Salesforce IoT Cloud, OSISoft PI, ThingWorx Cloud, and others, providing customers a guarantee of cloud flexibility.

Since the recent announcements of the unified Zentri brand and the Zentri partnership with NXP, over 100 new customers have trusted Zentri’s platform, bringing the total to over 800 customers. The two key drivers of this adoption curve are the complete mobile, product, cloud platform and the freedom of cloud choice all with integrated enterprise grade security.

Nick Dutton, VP of Business Development at Zentri, said:

“Our partners, both on the hardware platform side as well as the cloud services side, truly appreciate the simplicity and security that is brought by the Zentri Secure Connected Platform, which allows devices to be magically transformed into production grade connected products.”

“If you are a hardware partner Zentri platform transforms your business into an IoT business. If you are cloud services partner Zentri is the quickest way to bring in high volume of product data securely into your ecosystem in a matter of days.”

Prospective customers can experience the power of the Zentri platform at https://www.zentri.com/

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