KORE and DipJar Partner to Innovate New Charitable Payment Options

KORE and DipJar Partner to Innovate New Charitable Payment Options

M2M and IoT Service Leader Provides Connectivity for DipJar to Increase Cashless Tips and Charitable Donations.

KORE, the world’s largest managed wireless network services provider specializing in the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, today announced an agreement to provide connectivity for DipJar’s electronic tip and donation jars. Through the KORE network, DipJar will securely and reliably process wireless gratuity and donation payment information without the need to interface with a retailer’s point of sale system.

DipJar’s cashless, electronic tip jars enable quick service restaurant and coffee shop customers to insert their credit or debit cards into a receptacle by the register to leave a preset tip amount – often $1. In addition to the restaurant industry, DipJar is becoming a rapidly adopted solution for charitable organizations to enable cashless donations.

DipJar Founder and CEO, Ryder Kessler, said:

“Our electronic tip jars require the highest levels of security and reliability. KORE’s network ensures that customer data and payment information is safe. We also chose the KORE network for its longstanding reputation for seamless and reliable connectivity – DipJar never has to worry about an outage.”

“KORE plays a critical role in helping DipJar pioneer and innovate in the charitable electronic payments space,” said KORE CEO Alex Brisbourne. “In a growing cashless retail environment, DipJar is helping increase compensation for the hardworking people in the service industry, while also making it easy and convenient for consumers to make charitable donations.”

DipJar currently has 600 electronic tip jars across the country and plans to deploy more in the next year. DipJar is able to remotely monitor and manage the location and connectivity of all of their jars, through KORE PRiSMPro. As chronicled in a recent article from BostInno’s Dylan Martin, this holiday season DipJar is partnering with the Salvation Army to offer select locations and partner retailers in Southern California, Colorado, and Wisconsin who cannot support the iconic bell-ringing campaign- a cashless option for red kettle donations by providing 100 branded digital tip jars. The Salvation Army is able to use DipJar’s backend dashboard to track progress in real-time.

Learn more about DipJar at DipJar.com.

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