Ingenu and WellAware Announce Machine Network Expansion

Ingenu and WellAware Announce Machine Network Expansion

Public Network to Serve Host of IoT Applications With RPMA Technology.

Ingenu, the pioneer in delivering connectivity exclusively to machines, and WellAware, the oil and gas industry’s only full-stack solution for oilfield production monitoring and optimization, announced the collaborative expansion of the Machine Network™ that will provide approximately 55,000 square miles of coverage to the network’s rapidly growing nationwide footprint. Covering the greater Texas geographic area, the public network, powered by Ingenu’s RPMA® (Random Phase Multiple Access) communications technology, will provide unparalleled coverage in the region, serving a variety of industries, including WellAware’s significant offering of oil and gas applications.

The expanded network will provide coverage for the most active U.S. oil and gas fields, representing more than 50 percent of total U.S. production. Additionally, with the scalable architecture of Ingenu’s RPMA technology, myriad IoT and M2M devices can be added without the need for further network investment, spurring new application opportunities in the coverage area.

“The solid partnership with WellAware has enabled Ingenu to accelerate its Machine Network build-out strategy in the Southern U.S.,” said Ingenu CEO, John Horn. “WellAware has developed extremely innovative, secure and reliable solutions based on our RPMA technology, and we will continue to collaborate and extend the Machine Network as they expand application services in the oil and gas market.”

For its oil and gas customers, WellAware will continue its focus on the development of production data services, which are designed help exploration/production and pipeline companies capture and use their data to the best advantage for peak operating efficiency. WellAware helps oil and gas operators achieve these synergies through reliable data collection, exception-based monitoring, and actionable insights.

Matt Harrison, president and CEO, WellAware, said:

“The expansion of the Machine Network will provide our customers and prospects with seamless network coverage and management options for monitoring and data collection of their oilfield assets, even in the most remote areas of the oilfield.”

“The RPMA technology has been proven in the most challenging of network environments, and we are looking forward to bringing new applications to market which will enable our customers to dramatically to reduce operating expenses and enhance oilfield intelligence.”

The Ingenu/WellAware Machine Network build-out is currently in progress and will continue expansion of additional oil and gas fields throughout 2016. To find out when the Machine Network will be coming to your area, please visit

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