Billion Electric turns Taipei into a Smart City with 412 Smartly Connected Street Lights

Billion Electric turns Taipei into a Smart City with 412 Smartly Connected Street Lights

Billion Electric, a leading networking and energy management solutions provider, announces that it is in a strategic partnership with numerous LED streetlight vendors to deploy its Smart Streetlight Control Solution (LCMS) for a city-wide street light infrastructure project, providing automatic dimming and energy saving controls based on environmental illumination, motion, and regional sunrise and sunset schedules.

Billion is in collaboration with the Bureau of Energy, Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs to expand its system capacity controlling up to 6,000 street lights for a freeway project.

Billion LCMS successfully manages over 412 streetlights at four different street sites that are approximately 20km long. The smart streetlight project done by Billion is the largest urban installation in Taiwan that connects streetlights with IoT (Internet of Things), highlighting centralized asset management, street light failure notification, and enhanced public security

Unlike other ZigBee and GSM solutions, Billion LCMS utilizes the BPL (Broadband Power-Line) technology to overcome signal instability, elongated installation, and system inflexibility. Billion LCMS provides a strong integration flexibility that can be adopted by international LED streetlight partners who wish to invest their lighting fixtures in bidding for national smart street light tenders. For 412 street lights projects in Taipei, Billion has achieved an average of 78% decrease in utility consumption and CO2 emission while delivering a faster payback period.

Martin Chang, Product Manager of Billion Electric, remarked:
“LED lighting market is extremely competitive and saturated with a few dominate LED lighting companies.”

“We are excited to see that international LED lighting vendors can leverage our technology to impose system values onto their LED commodities. We can also help the cities around the world to modernize their street light infrastructure to lower operational maintenance costs, maximize energy efficiency and to enhance citizen safety through the open networking platform.”

“Taipei is now given an upgrade on its public infrastructure and taking a step forward in building an intelligent, well-connect city.”

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