Tieto Industrial launches the Tieto Connect platform – powered by Cumulocity

Tieto Industrial launches the Tieto Connect platform - powered by Cumulocity

To help Nordic companies to grasp the opportunities of the Industrial Internet, Tieto has launched a platform called Tieto Connect – powered by Cumulocity’s IoT platform.

Tieto Connect is a platform that helps companies gather, store and manage their data – and speed up the industrial internet revolution. The new cloud-based platform enables companies to compose their own Internet of Things application in minutes by delivering, storing and visualising data collected from sensors and devices.

“I am thrilled that the Tieto Industrial Internet start-up has delivered its first customer projects. Industrial Internet is gaining speed in the Nordic region and beyond, and more and more companies are now starting to utilise the opportunities of the Industrial Internet”, noted Taneli Tikka, Head of the Industrial Internet start-up at Tieto.

To help companies fully benefit from the data, the Tieto Connect platform is accompanied with an analytics toolbox.

“The analytics toolbox gives companies the ability to explore and visualise their data with further capabilities to include machine learning and advanced algorithms. In this way data turns into information that can speed up business processes and open doors to whole new business opportunities for our customers”, explained Jukka Kuusinen, COO of Industrial Internet start-up at Tieto.

“We see a strong market for the platform among all of Tieto’s customer industries, especially in manufacturing, where companies, in particular, benefit from the better connectivity of their machines”, Kuusinen continued.

An ecosystem with leading innovators
Industrial Internet business operates within Tieto like a start-up. Tieto is actively working with market-leading solution providers, and is actively looking for start-up companies to create an agile worldwide Industrial Internet ecosystem.

“Tieto Industrial internet start-up seeks balance between self-deployed technology and the technology developed by our global partners. Tieto’s partner in this project has been Cumulocity”, Kuusinen added.

Cumulocity, a spin-off of Nokia, is the global leading provider of the Internet-of-Things platform since 2010, based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Jari Salminen, Managing Director at Cumulocity, says:

“We are excited to be selected by Tieto as their strategic partner. With Tieto Connect, powered by Cumulocity and the analytics toolbox, enterprise customers are able to execute their Smart Product and Smart Services strategies significantly faster and with minimum risks.”

Tieto is actively building an ecosystem with leading innovators. The company has previously announced collaboration with, for example, the world’s leading IT company, Cisco, and HSB Living Lab, in an innovative project to research IT solutions that enhance future living.

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