KORE and Micron Electronics Partner to Optimize GPS Tracking

KORE and Micron Electronics Partner to Optimize GPS Tracking

Leading M2M & IoT Communications Provider Powers Advanced Location-Based Tracking Management.

KORE, the world’s largest managed wireless network services provider specializing in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and the Internet-of-Things (IoT), today announced the continued success of the integration of its Position Logic advanced applications software platform with Micron Electronics’ suite of devices. The integration helps Micron customers better manage devices to enhance business operations, fleet safety, increase cost-effectiveness and drive efficiency across a variety of industries. Position Logic, a division of KORE, delivers the ability to create on-demand, branded, precision location-based solutions for business-to-business applications.

Micron Prime One GPS tracking devicePrime One is Micron’s full-featured tracking device, which includes two way voice, superior GPS performance/Wi-Fi tracking, accelerometer, and waterproof rating of IXP 67, making it ideal for lone worker safety, senior care and kids. In addition, Prime One features superior battery performance and an SOS button. Managed through the Position Logic software, all Micron devices, are optimized for a multitude of GPS tracking applications, including mobilized workforces, fleet and asset management, emergency services, security and more.

“With the first few months of the integration behind us, we’re really able to focus on the opportunities our integration with Position Logic has offered our customers,” said Michael Xu, CEO, Micron.

“The full feature release of the Prime One has given end-users a great feature-driven choice to meet their needs, whether that device is being used by a mobile worker, child, or by a senior trying to give peace of mind to their caregiver.”

Felix Lluberes, executive vice president, KORE, Advanced Applications added:
“The Position Logic platform is an ideal fit for Micron’s reliable suite of devices. With Position Logic’s integrated applied business intelligence, precision technology and customized services and solutions, Micron customers will experience multiple benefits to enhance their businesses, create efficiencies and improve the bottom line. We’re encouraged by the success our integration has had thus far and are excited for our continued partnership with Micron.”

More information about Micron’s full suite of products can be found at www.micronwireless.net.
More information on Position Logic can be found at www.positionlogic.com.

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