Wi-NEXT in Partnership with IBM Make Smart Manufacturing a Reality

Wi-NEXT in Partnership with IBM Make Smart Manufacturing a Reality

Statistical Process Control (SPC) reborn in IIoT as the companies join forces to help manufacturers improve their decision-driving processes.

Wi-NEXT®, the global Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) edgeware hardware and software provider, today announced a partnership with IBM® for the delivery of predictive and quality analytics for manufacturers. The companies’ combined solution offers an advanced analytics platform that is especially useful in the fast-moving consumer goods and food service industries.

The traditional limits of Statistical Process Control (SPC) are lifted with this partnership. Using Wi-NEXT’s IIoT hardware and IBM’s Predictive Quality and Maintenance (PMQ) software, Wi-NEXT is able to offer a combined solution unparalleled in the IIoT industry. Customers can use the analytics provided by PMQ to optimize uptime, operations, and plant management through the use of sophisticated IIoT processes and data. It will be sold through Wi-NEXT’s existing channels and IBM’s partners and is ideal for both in-Cloud and on-premise applications.

“Small changes in productivity equal large gains for the bottom line, and this is even more true in industries with low margins and high competition, such as with fast moving consumer goods and food service where the investment to achieve even a one-percent productivity increase or cost savings is relevant,” said Armando Pereira, CEO of Wi-NEXT Inc.

“Thanks to this strategic partnership with IBM, Wi-NEXT will now provide a wealth of new data analytics to identify inefficiencies and make operational actions we have never seen before and with a clear and simple-to-understand return on investment for our clients.”

According to the latest Industrial Internet Insight Report from Accenture, 42% of the interviewed manufacturers rank Big Data as their highest priority and there is a sense of urgency felt by respondents in implementing Industrial Internet solutions. Wi-NEXT is poised to capitalize on this market with its multi-award winning IIoT solutions, enabling manufacturers to move from simple connectivity of their industrial assets to true Internet-based integration with enterprise-grade applications.

Predictive Maintenance and SPC 2.0
Manufacturing is evolving and adopting IIoT to improve quality and process control systems while optimizing the lifecycle of machines by incorporating the communication and automation technologies that have existed in industrial settings for years.

Wi-NEXT understands that in supply chain or manufacturing operations, “time is money” when it comes to detecting quality and operational issues. The Wi-NEXT and IBM joint proposal includes not only traditional SPC, but also sophisticated algorithms that can help companies to predict where, when and why asset failures are likely to occur as well as flag early identification of poor quality issues.

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