Technavio Announces Top Five Vendors in the Global M2M Network Security Market until 2020

Technavio Announces Top Five Vendors in the Global M2M Network Security Market until 2020

Technavio has announced the top five leading vendors for the global M2M network security market in their latest research report.

This report also lists eight other prominent vendors who are expected to contribute to this market’s growth over the forecast period.

To identify the top vendors, Technavio’s ICT market research analysts have considered the top contributors to the overall revenue of this market. To calculate the market size, our researchers have considered the M2M ecosystem, which includes hardware, software, communication applications, and additional services. These solutions are easily integrated and can be customized with business applications to increase operational efficiency.

The stakeholders involved in the M2M ecosystem are:

  • Hardware and semiconductor vendors
  • Network infrastructure vendors
  • Niche providers
  • Large system integrator vendors

Amrita Choudhury, one of Technavio’s lead analysts for IT security research, said:

“Europe has emerged as a leader in the global M2M network security market with USD 136 million worth of revenue in 2015. Western Europe, in particular, has emerged as a major revenue contributor for the market because of increased adoption of M2M applications and the growth of internet of things (IoT) that require advanced network security solutions to protect data.”

“The UK, France, Italy, and Germany emerged as some of the major adopters of M2M network security solutions in Europe in 2015. High concentration of M2M applications and in large enterprises and SMEs has led to an increase in the demand for M2M network security in this region,” added Amrita.

Six leading vendors in the M2M network security market:

The vendor, though a much later entrant to the market, continues to hold a key position. Cisco has entered into the cellular-based routers product platform through the launch of its hardened routers that have the option of 3G/4G connectivity. These routers are on the higher side in terms of both functionality and price and are more of a niche product in the M2M market. The vendor provides M2M network security solutions that include:

Cisco Integrated Services Router 819 M2M gateway: This is fully integrated with Cisco IOS software and is a highly secure solution designed specifically for M2M applications. It supports mobile IP and delivers routing, switch, WAN, LAN, and network management. This can work in extremely challenging environments such as high humidity and water, dust, and excessive shocks in transportation and manufacturing applications.

The product portfolio of Gemalato includes M2M communication modules, machine identification modules, device management platforms, cloud-based application enablement platforms for M2M applications, and value-added services. They provide hardware modules, reliable platforms, and secure service solutions to connect and protect any M2M and electronic consumer device. M2M network security provided by the vendor includes:

M2M and IoT security: This solution performs penetration testing of devices and systems including reverse engineering and physical and logical manipulation to confirm appropriate security of assets and data.

Kore Wireless
Kore provides M2M network services and M2M network management solutions. They provide its products and services to a large customer base including healthcare, insurance, logistics, utilities, and financial sectors. M2M network security provided by the vendor includes:

M2M network management solutions: This solution is fully managed in a server cloud and data storage hosting environment that saves the capital and operational expenses of leasing data center space, purchasing servers, and hiring system administrators to oversee operations and security.

Numerex is a leading provider of M2M platforms and products. They offer products for various M2M applications such as security, vehicle intelligence, telematics, remote monitoring, supply chain, and asset tracking.

Numerex Network Solutions: This solution offers a platform that enables the management and monitoring of M2M devices virtually anywhere in the world when roaming globally or within specific regions.

PTC (Axeda)
Axeda was acquired by PTC for close to USD 170 million in 2014. They provide advanced cloud-based services and software for managing connected products and machines in enterprises. The company also provides M2M network security solutions that include:

Axeda M2M Cloud Service: This advanced cloud-based software enables the management of connected products and assets and the implementation of innovative IoT applications. It enables the easy connection of machines and devices to the cloud and stores machine and sensor data.

More on the report on Technavio web site.

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