Gemalto launches leading edge M2M Cat 1 LTE module with seamless 2G and 3G fall-back

Gemalto launches leading edge M2M Cat 1 LTE module with seamless 2G and 3G fall-back

Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, is launching a leading edge M2M Category 1 (Cat 1) LTE wireless module.

This advanced module enables fall-back to 2G in Europe Middle East Africa and to 3G in North America for areas where LTE connectivity is not yet fully available. The new Cinterion® solution provides highly efficient LTE connectivity and embedded processing for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) / Internet of Things (IoT) applications. It is ideal for smart metering and tracking & tracing applications that are not dependent on the highest data speeds but rather require the longevity LTE networks offer.

The new Cinterion module meets growing industry demand for efficient M2M-optimized LTE connectivity along with a small form factor and reliable performance. It comes with a powerful Java® virtual machine adding embedded processing to the module itself. This eliminates the need for extra processor and memory chips thereby reducing overall cost, complexity and size of IoT devices. It allows developers to leverage the massive Java ecosystem, a large preexisting code base, plus benefit from proven software building blocks to speed new product development.

Axel Hansmann, Vice President Portfolio & Strategy M2M at Gemalto, said:

“Available in different variants, the new M2M module extends our fast growing portfolio of next generation LTE products for global use.”

“Sharing a common footprint with the other Cinterion industrial products, this advanced capability module enables easy migration for our existing customers who benefit from the rapidly evolving wireless networks from a single design, and provides our new customers with a simple and cost effective path to the future.”

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