Verisure Securitas Direct Connects 200,000 Alarm Systems To the SIGFOX Internet of Things Network in France

Verisure Securitas Direct Connects 200,000 Alarm Systems  To the SIGFOX Internet of Things Network in France

Following Success of Partnership in Spain, Company Integrates SIGFOX Connectivity Solution in Alarm Systems to Assure Anti-jamming Protection.

Eighteen months after connecting a million security systems to the SIGFOX Internet of Things network in Spain, Verisure Securitas Direct is extending its coverage in France, where it will deploy more than 200,000 systems connected to the network for homes and businesses during Q1.

Since September 2014, Verisure Securitas Direct has integrated SIGFOX connectivity in its security systems to guarantee its customers extra protection against GSM network outages and jamming attempts.

The company said its experience with SIGFOX in Spain demonstrated not only SIGFOX’s cost-and-energy-use advantages and indoor performances, but also its superior anti-jamming protection compared to network protocols such as GSM.

Independent of GSM networks used by most security systems and based on a very strong radio interference-protection capability, SIGFOX provides Verisure Securitas Direct a second channel of communication with the company’s remote monitoring station and guarantees continuity of service.

Once an attempt of interference or jamming is identified by, for example, detection of a loss of GSM signal, the control panel sends an alert via the SIGFOX network, which prompts the security protocol from the Verisure Securitas Direct’s central station.

Christophe Fourtet, co-founder and chief science officer of SIGFOX, said:

“SIGFOX’s communications-jamming protection is very robust compared to GSM. RF power required to jam SIGFOX communication with conventional jammers is huge and far beyond the power capability of jammers available on the market.”

SIGFOX will allow Securitas Direct, whose systems were already equipped with SIGFOX Ready™ components, to activate the anti-jamming feature in its new offer by a simple remote software update. Ten thousands of devices are currently being updated every week.

“With SIGFOX as a backup, Verisure Securitas Direct can assure its customers that we will know if their alarms go off, even if their telephone networks are not working,” said Frédéric Serre, Verisure Securitas Direct Operations Director. “We are proud to be the first on the French market to provide alarm systems with such levels of availability and 100% protected against radio frequency interference. This technological advance allows us to offer the best service to our customers at no additional cost to them.”

The Securitas Direct Group also plans to expand its collaboration with SIGFOX to other European countries, including Portugal, where the SIGFOX network is also available nationwide.

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