AT&T To Connect OneMedia’s First Connected Medical And Health Smartwatch

AT&T To Connect OneMedia's First Connected Medical And Health Smartwatch

Connected OneMedia Sensation 3G Medical and Health Smartwatch Wirelessly Transmits Patient Information to the Cloud.

AT&T will provide connectivity for OneMedia’s Sensation 3G smartwatch. Complete with activity trackers and phone features, the wearable can wirelessly transmit medical and health data to caregivers.

Using AT&T’s highly secure network, caregivers will be able to monitor chronically ill and recently discharged patients virtually in real-time, allowing them to intervene, if necessary. The Sensation 3G smartwatch can also connect via Bluetooth to other devices.

The Sensation 3G smartwatch is especially useful for chronically ill and recently discharged patients. It can also help those looking to monitor their general health conditions.

“Providing AT&T connectivity to our devices is a vital step on the path to connect patients to their caregivers virtually in real-time, almost anywhere in the United States. We all hope for the best healthcare possible – in an emergency, as we age, for our loved ones or to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Now, that level of service is available with the AT&T connected Sensation 3G medical and health smartwatch,” said Bob Wagner, CEO of OneMedia.

Chris Penrose, senior vice president, Internet of Things (IoT), AT&T Business Solutions, said:

“Connected smartwatches built with healthcare in mind are a step forward into the future of patient care.”

“The ability to connect caregivers and patients is just one example of how wireless connectivity is redefining healthcare and creating new care models. Our network will help caregivers and loved ones monitor patients from a distance and receive alerts if something goes wrong.”

OneMedia anticipates that the Sensation 3G medical and health smartwatch should be available for purchase later in 2016. For more information, go to

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