H3 Dynamics Introduces Internet-connected Drones at IoT Asia 2016

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H3 Dynamics Introduces Internet-connected Drones at IoT Asia 2016

H3 Dynamics Group was among the 68 exhibitors at the Internet of Things (IoT) Asia 2016 conference that took place at the Singapore Expo on March 30 and 31.

The company used the event to showcase its recently-launched Dronebox to many of the 2,500 visitors; the majority of whom were there to understand more about the potential commercial applications for IoT-enabled technologies.

The platform, which provides both hardware and software for users to operate one or several UAVs, also facilitates the transfer and analysis of data collected by the drones to the cloud. With the potential to allow UAVs to operate for months at a time, on pre-programmed routines, and without human intervention, H3 Dynamics saw significant interest among conference-goers over the course of the twoday event.

“It was a beneficial experience for us to demonstrate the potential of small sensor-carrying UAVs when used in conjunction with our revolutionary Dronebox system. It is exciting to see how Dronebox bridges the UAV industry with the IoT, and we hope to leverage our experience and conversations to move Dronebox further towards its first commercial installations,” said Taras Wankewycz, H3 Dynamics founder and CEO.

The conference, which brought government officials together with industry and technology leaders, as well as international press, highlighted several key areas critical to the development and future of IoT in Asia. One area of particular focus was industrial uses for IoT-enabled technologies.

Here, H3 Dynamics was able to demonstrate to visitors the enormous scale of the time and cost savings possible with Dronebox. For example, at present in the oil and gas industry, a pipeline of 200,000 km could be subject to an inspection program that lasts up to 18 months. Whereas with Dronebox incorporated into an IoT network, it would be possible to shorten that process to under a day.

Other planned uses for H3 Dynamics Dronebox include security applications, remote aerial land surveys and infrastructure inspections.

About Dronebox:
Dronebox is an all-inclusive, self-powered system that can be deployed anywhere, including in remote areas where industrial assets, borders, or sensitive installations require constant monitoring. Designed as an evolution over today’s many unattended sensors and CCTV cameras installed in cities, borders, or large industrial estates, Dronebox innovates by giving sensors freedom of movement using drones as their vehicles. End-users can now deploy flying sensor systems at different locations, and measure just about anything, anywhere, anytime. They offer 24/7 reactivity, providing critical information to operators – even to those located thousands of miles away.
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