EVRYTHNG Becomes First B2B IoT Platform for Product Manufacturers to Offer Nest Certified SDK

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EVRYTHNG Becomes First B2B IoT Platform for Product Manufacturers to Offer Nest Certified SDK

New Nest Certified SDK allows devices operated with EVRYTHNG to implement connectivity with Nest in less than 30 minutes.

The leading IoT Smart Products Platform EVRYTHNG today announced at Google I/O a new Software Development Kit (SDK) for manufacturers who want their devices to interconnect with Nest.

EVRYTHNG worked with Nest to build a certified SDK that can be used to rapidly set up and configure integrations for products operated using the EVRYTHNG platform so that they can connect with Nest. As the first B2B IoT platform solution with an approved reference design for Nest integration, EVRYTHNG accelerates the development and testing process for developers and manufacturers, allowing them to quickly submit devices for Nest approval with confidence.

Nest Cam™ is the first Nest product with a certified SDK, and EVRYTHNG is working to certify the SDK for other Nest products. For example, EVRYTHNG customer iHome’s Nest-certified SmartPlug product already works with the Nest Learning Thermostat™.

Dom Guinard, EVRYTHNG CTO and Co-founder said:
“Developers on EVRYTHNG follow the Quick Start walkthrough and their device will be communicating with the Nest Cloud and Nest Cam API in less than 30 minutes. This saves a huge amount of time for manufacturers whose products are operated with the EVRYTHNG platform and looking to work with Nest. By using a certified model which securely handles authentication, events and messaging between devices via API, the hard work is already done.”

The EVRYTHNG platform is already powering Nest certified devices, such as iHome’s Control SmartPlug series. “Having a standardized integration meant the approval process was extremely fast and painless,” said Gary Schultz, iHome’s Director of Business and Product Development. “Now we can easily handle any future API changes or add new Nest devices that we want our SmartPlug to work with.”

The Nest certified SDK is the latest example of EVRYTHNG’s Cloud-to-Cloud integrations. These are out-of-the-box connectors that device manufacturers can use to make their products operated by EVRYTHNG’s IoT Smart Products Platform work with a growing range of connected home ecosystems like SmartThings and Wink, or enterprise platforms like salesforce.com and SAP. Developers can go to https://developers.evrythng.com/ to sign-up for a platform account and use the guide and tools to connect their devices.

With an open agenda of enabling all consumer products to not only connect to the Web, but also interact with each other and the other apps and services in consumers’ digital lives, EVRYTHNG views the Works with Nest certification as a key milestone.

Niall Murphy, CEO and Co-founder of EVRYTHNG, says:

“In a connected world, products need to work with other products, applications and services to maximize the value they can create for customers. Developing and maintaining bespoke integrations with multiple smart home environments should not be a time-consuming, costly and technical process. EVRYTHNG simplifies this complexity by offering out-of-the-box connectors.”

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