Hologram Raises $4.8M to Build a Cellular Platform for the Internet of Things

Hologram Raises $4.8M to Build a Cellular Platform for the Internet of Things

Platform Allows Businesses to Get Device Data Back to Internet Quickly and Easily.

Hologram today launched its cellular platform for the Internet of Things.

In contrast to legacy cellular connectivity solutions, which are still geared towards mobile phones and tablets, the Hologram platform is purpose-built for developing and deploying IoT products. The company also announced $4.8 million in funding led by Drive Capital to grow the team and scale their cellular network.

By running its own cellular network, Hologram is able to provide an end-to-end connectivity solution which marries a global cellular network with fully-certified hardware and a cloud platform for device messaging. This makes it incredibly easy to get device data from the field to the internet, where Hologram’s software makes it useful for enterprise.

Hologram, formerly known as Konekt, enables developers and companies of any size and level of sophistication to build cellular-connected devices without the hassle and expense of custom engineering cellular infrastructure. With more than 50,000 existing connections globally and initial customers including Kelloggs, Metromile and Placemeter, Hologram has gained traction in the market as the simplest, most developer-friendly platform for building cellular connected devices.

“Currently, building a cellular connected device is a lot like setting up a website in 1998 when you had to buy server equipment and run it in your closet. Teams are spending a disproportionate amount of time rolling their own infrastructure when they should be focused on their core product; Hologram is changing this with a cellular platform that handles the infrastructure for you,” said Ben Forgan, CEO of Hologram. “With the investment from Drive Capital we can accelerate our growth to continue to build new features and products to support our expanding base of customers, both big and small.”

As more companies look to capitalize on efficiencies driven by data from connected devices, Hologram’s platform provides an essential service by lowering the cost of prototyping and deploying a new cellular product. This allows businesses to be more agile with their IoT strategy; they will no longer need to devote large chunks of engineering time to developing a prototype or deploying a new product.

Nick Solaro, partner at Drive Capital, said:

“Hologram is re-defining the IoT connectivity market with elegantly designed, easy to use technology that transforms the world of connected things.”

“We believe Hologram, with its singular focus on building a robust, developer-friendly platform suitable for small and large enterprise companies alike, will continue to set the pace in the rapidly emerging IoT market.”

Bringing objects to life simply and quickly is a new imperative for individual makers and enterprise companies across industries. Hologram’s unified platform allows anyone to build and bring cellular connected products online in a single afternoon, with enterprise-grade security and transparent pricing.

About Hologram:
Hologram is a platform for building Internet of Things products with a focus on cellular. Our platform allows anyone to:

  • Connect: use our cloud-friendly cellular network to connect any device to the internet cheaply and easily.
  • Interact: use our software to talk to your device and route your incoming and outgoing messages, all via a secure and scalable API.
  • Build: use our cellular development kit, the Dash, to create a new connected device in minutes.
  • Manage: use our management tools to see your devices and update their software wirelessly.
Hologram has tens of thousands of devices around the world using our cellular network and thousands of customers building on our platform including enterprises, small businesses and start-ups.
Hologram provides cellular infrastructure-as-a-service so you can spend time focusing on your core product rather than rolling your own cellular network. With Hologram, you can build a connected product with the same speed and agility as building a web app. Our mission is bring the Internet Everywhere, so you can easily get your device data back to the web and make it useful for your business or personal projects. Hologram is based in Chicago. To start making your hardware talk, visit Hologram.io.
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