Sonera Selects Cumulocity IoT Platform

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Sonera Selects Cumulocity IoT Platform

Sonera and Cumulocity, the world’s leading IoT (Internet of Things) platform provider, have started cooperation. Cumulocity’s platform will be installed in Sonera’s own cloud environment, which not only enables very high security but also high-speed customer solutions.

Thanks to the cooperation, Sonera can provide their customers with a fast and reliable introduction of IoT solutions and an open and continuously advancing IoT platform.

“We are a reliable partner that can produce and manage the whole IoT value chain from sensor to solution. The fully open IoT environment provided by Cumulocity is developer-friendly and allows Sonera to create very high-speed customer experiments. As we manage the platform, we can provide our customer’s with comprehensive support, high information security and integration of hybrid cloud solutions into the IoT entity,” says Marko Lepola, head of business offering development.

Jari Salminen, Managing Director Cumulocity, says:
“Our partnership allows the growing number of Finnish organisations who recognise the benefits of embedding industrial internet solutions into their operations to do so in a rapid, low risk and scalable manner. The Cumulocity platform allows new assets to be connected in minutes, the condition of those assets to be monitored and controlled in real-time and end-to-end business workflows across business systems to be created at the click of a button. Use of the platform allows organisations to focus their efforts on their value adding activities.”

“The combination of Cumulocity’s capabilities and Sonera’s local competence ensure our customers receive a reliable way of embedding IoT into their business.”

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Sonera is an enabler of digitalization and a genuinely international player that can provide private cloud services from its own data centre in a secure manner.

“Sonera enables automation and versatile development of different maintenance and servicing processes. For example, we can monitor drainage pits and sewage pump systems and alert the customer when the pit is full. The platform also enables customer solutions that can be used to measure property’s indoor air conditions, monitor and position transportations, or optimize vehicle solutions and servicing, for example,” says Robert Wendelin, head of Sonera’s IoT business.

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