Semtech Joins IoT M2M Council to Boost Business Cases with LoRaWAN Technology

Semtech Joins IoT M2M Council to Boost Business Cases with LoRaWAN Technology

Semtech, a leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and provider of end-to-end solutions for low-power wide-area network (LP-WAN) connectivity known as LoRa, has joined the Board of Governors of the IoT M2M Council (IMC).

The IMC is the world’s largest and fastest-growing trade association serving the IoT sector, with over 18,000 members worldwide that self-identify as IoT buyers from 25 different vertical-market segments.

“The IMC is an excellent platform to connect with companies that are integrating IoT and those that are actually deploying IoT solutions in the field,” said Mike Wong, VP of Marketing and Applications for Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Product Group.

“We believe having a standardized specification for IoT combined with a strong ecosystem is integral for scaling IoT adoption. Introducing LoRa solutions and the LoRaWAN specification to IMCs members, including Fortune 500 companies planning large scale deployments should further expand LoRaWAN adoption.”

The IMC recently announced the formation of its Connected Leadership Committee, a steering/focus group comprised of senior executives at large companies in its membership rolls that will convene quarterly.

Semtech is a driving force behind the LoRa Alliance, which is a collaboration of service providers, solutions providers, and hardware makers that have agreed to conform to the open global standard for wireless communications known as LoRaWAN. LoRaWAN solutions reduce the costs of data transmission and power requirements for remote connected devices, with the latter benefit increasing device lifecycle while reducing maintenance. Semtech, among others, produces the semiconductor chipsets (named LoRa) that conform to the LoRaWAN standard.

“Some of our fastest-growing segments are in energy, building and construction, and smart cities,” says IMC Chairman Alexander Bufalino. “And these are areas where LPWAN connectivity is showing immediate uptake.”

The IMC grows at a rate of almost 300 new members weekly, and quarterly trending data gathered from the group shows that awareness of LPWAN solutions has been growing consistently among all segments of the group’s membership over the last three quarters.

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