Liberty Pumps Leverages Electric Imp to Deliver Secure IoT in Under 12 Months

Liberty Pumps Leverages Electric Imp to Deliver Secure IoT in Under 12 Months

New NightEye™ mobile monitoring product provides Intelligent Building insights into one of the biggest building insurance risk areas: flooding and water damage.

Electric Imp, a global platform provider for Internet of Things (IoT) secure connectivity and application enablement, announces that Liberty Pumps, a leading manufacturer of pumps and effluent control systems, has launched its new NightEye product line based on Electric Imp’s IoT platform.

NightEye creates and automates alarms concerning rising fluid levels in sump, sewage and effluent pump applications, expanding further the value of IoT in increasingly Intelligent Buildings.

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) estimates flood insurance claims in the US exceed $3.5 billion annually. It’s impossible to break out what percentage of these losses are due solely to storm surge or flood plain backup as well as failures of pumps, pipes, drains, and sewer fittings. However, experts estimate the percentage is high. With NightEye, fluid levels are monitored and customers alerted when levels rise, helping to minimize costly repairs, health hazards and property losses.

“We knew Wi-Fi-enabled monitoring and push notifications on mobile phones would be valued by our customers, but have been pleasantly surprised by just how popular the NightEye launch has been.” said Randy Waldron, Liberty Pumps Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We have built a reputation as being an innovative leader in our industry. The NightEye alarm is our first step into a bigger world of IoT-connected products.”

NightEye, just launched in the US and Canada, is an intelligent liquid pump monitoring and alarm system that works without subscription or service fees. Following a free app download, building owners can install and monitor multiple locations where NightEye control/alarm units are deployed, all through the same mobile interface.

Oliver Hutaff, Electric Imp CFO/COO, said:

“Mechanicals, like pumps and plumbing that may operate for decades unnoticed, are often left out of the equation when people talk about smart or intelligent buildings. But the great response to Liberty Pumps’ NightEye product illustrates just how powerful IoT can be at all levels.”

“IoT done right can reliably collect massive amounts of data and drive smart actions that cut losses, improve service and deliver to manufacturers new and highly valuable insights into their products.”

Real-world operational data is crucial as customer pump usage can vary greatly. For example, many customer’s pumps may run every 30 seconds while others only operate a few times per year. Capturing real-world details of machine use and performance through IoT required a level of system and software expertise that Liberty Pumps did not have on staff.

“Creating an IoT-connected product was definitely outside our comfort zone,” said Caleb Peterson, Design Engineer at Liberty Pumps. “We excel at making mechanical pumps that work for decades under extreme conditions. To get into electronics and software and then deliver a great, secure product within a 12-month period is something to be proud of. Electric Imp’s platform made that fast time to market possible through IoT connectivity that is simple to deploy while also making it so much easier for consumers to use.”

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