Precision King and AT&T Help the Farming Industry Grow

Precision King and AT&T Help the Farming Industry Grow

Smart Farms Use IoT Technology for Irrigation Efficiency.

Precision King, a provider of smart farming solutions uses AT&T Internet of Things (IoT) services to help take the guess work out of farming.

Three essentials in agriculture are sun, temperature and water. Precision King’s Soil King solution lets farmers monitor the one key factor they have control over – water irrigation.

AT&T’s Global SIM card and IoT Services, such as Control Center, let the Soil King collect data from the soil and transmit it to the Precision King console. Farmers receive alerts when it’s time to irrigate. Not over-watering saves fuel and equipment costs, and preserves an important natural resource.

Precision King also uses AT&T IoT technology to help monitor weather conditions and track equipment. Access to wind, temperature and humidity data provides farmers with a remote view of crop conditions. They can make real-time decisions to move or shut off irrigation—from virtually anywhere.

“We’re using the latest technology to usher in the next generation of farming,” said Precision King President, Nick King.

“Our solutions help farmers save time and money. And we’re proud they can help ensure one of our most precious resources is being used smartly.”

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