Cumulocity and Device Authority partner to secure the remote deployment and management of industrial intellectual property

Cumulocity and Device Authority partner to secure the remote deployment and management of industrial intellectual property

Cumulocity and Device Authority, a leading IoT Security Automation Platform provider, combine their technologies to allow design, manufacturing and industrial organisations a secure means for their intellectual property to be employed.

The collaboration allows high-value industrial recipes, computer aided designs (CAD) and advanced machine configurations to be deployed securely and only readable by the application in the machine that will use it.

Manufacturing and process industries heavily invest in research and development to both develop products and optimise the process to manufacture them on an industrial scale. With the increasing sophistication of manufacturing techniques, process equipment and monitoring mechanisms a growing emphasis is being focused on the intellectual creations. This intellectual property (IP) can take the form of the industrial formulas, manufacturing recipes, computer aided designs and advanced machine configurations, and are often where a large proportion of a value in manufacturing and process industries reside. The protection of these assets in-life is therefore crucial.

Cumulocity, the leading IoT device and application platform provider, has been helping industrial organisations securely remotely monitor and control their machines around the world for over four years. Through use of Cumulocity’s carrier grade IoT platform, organisations have been able to optimise the operation of their remotely deployed machines for their customer needs and also perform preventative maintenance to ensure that the machines remain fully operational.

Darron Antill, CEO, Device Authority:

“Industrial internet of things security demands fresh thinking and fit for purpose solutions. The Device Authority platform has been designed from the ground up to deliver rapid security automation and active security posture enforcement to address the new security challenges. Our partnership with Cumulocity simplifies the implementation of policy and device-driven security for all IoT solutions.”

Combining the capabilities of Device Authority’s, leading IoT Security Automation Platform, with Cumulocity provides organisations with the ability to encrypt the data between the systems within the organisation’s IT environment and the applications on the remotely deployed machines. This provides organisations with the reassurance that their intellectual property is only able to be read by the authorised application in the intended machine. The data is transferred in encrypted format throughout the solution and is only decrypted for authorised users on the IoT platform when requested. This allows the use of the intellectual property to be controlled by its owner, thereby avoiding costly machine misconfigurations, unauthorised duplication and reduction in competitive advantage.

The underlying end-to-end data encryption also provides the foundation for more use cases in other vertical markets which require irrefutable auditability and traceability of measurement data and highly-secure user authenticated visibility of information. Important examples here are supply chain management in the food industry and the monitoring of patient health and wellbeing.

Bernd Gross, CEO, Cumulocity:
“With more and more manufacturers digitising their operations, the necessity to control the usage of their valuable industrial recipes and designs has never been greater. This collaboration allows organisations to securely deploy and control their industrial intellectual property in live operational processes simply, reliably and comprehensively.”

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