Device Authority announces new Keyscaler IoT security platform

Device Authority announces new Keyscaler IoT security platform

KeyScaler™ converges Device Authority and Cryptosoft security solutions and adds policy-driven key & certificate management.

Device Authority, the global leader in policy and device-driven security for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced the release of its new KeyScaler™ IoT security platform.

With this release, Device Authority brings to market a solution that combines Device Authority, Inc.’s device authentication engine with Cryptosoft’s policy-driven data security manager and agents to provide a single, comprehensive software security offering for IoT applications.

Device Authority KeyScaler™ highlights include:

  • Registration Controls – Automated device registration and authorization policies for headless onboarding of IoT devices at scale;
  • End-to-End Data Security – Granular, efficient policy-driven crypto that provides secure, end-to-end delivery and storage when using third party networks and cloud services;
  • Automated Certificate Management – Automated certificate provisioning and management for IoT devices and a connector for DigiCert’s Managed PKI service.
  • Device Group Management – The ability to assign devices to groups and assign crypto and certificate provisioning policies at a group-level;
  • Expanded IoT Device Support – Support added for ARM 5, ARM 7, and ARM 64-based devices, Dell IoT gateways and embedded PC’s, MultiTech IoT Gateways, and Cisco IR900 gateways;
  • PTC ThingWorx Security Extension – Enables device authorization, provisioning and policy-driven data encryption with secure storage of data within the PTC ThingWorx platform;
  • Enhanced Agent Technology – Enhancements and new capabilities added to extend the functionality of our “drop-in” device agents;

“Our new KeyScaler™ platform is a major step forward for the company and our IoT partners who need a security answer for their IoT Application Platforms and devices,” comments Darron Antill, CEO, Device Authority.

“With this release, we are providing advanced solutions to fundamental IoT security issues for customers and partners.”

“Following the merger of Device Authority and Cryptosoft in April 2016, we set out on a mission to converge two separate product offerings into a single platform capable of delivering IoT security automation at scale,” explains Talbot Hary, CTO, Device Authority. “With the release of KeyScaler™, we have exceeded our objectives with some significant new functionality.”

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