Cumulocity and Option Simplify the Adoption of Edge Analytics

Cumulocity and Option Simplify the Adoption of Edge Analytics

Cumulocity and Option, an innovative Machine to Machine (M2M) wireless solution specialist, combine their IoT platform and IoT device technologies to radically simplify the adoption of IoT edge analytics processes for customers.

The combination allows edge analytics models to be rapidly evolved using the Option Cloudgate LuvitRED device-based application and industrially deployed to the fielded devices with Cumulocity Device Management.

In recent years there has been a rapid growth in the use of computational analytics, none more so than in the Internet of Things (IoT). What originated as the detection of static thresholds (like power exceeding a specified value) has now evolved into applying far more complex formulae. Essentially building a synthetic mechanics ear which can anticipate the future operation of an asset based on their knowledge of how things should work and raise an alarm prior to failure. These formulae are now used at many points in the overall solution, with some assessing a single asset’s operation while others assess the combined process of multiple assets. The value of these techniques has grown exponentially with their complexity. However, it is this complexity that can slow their development and complicate their mass deployment.

Cumulocity and Option recognise the development and operation of IoT projects needs to be simple to ensure their efficient adoption for practical real-world situations. This combination of Cumulocity’s and Option’s technologies allows the edge analytics models to be continuously evolved by subject matter experts and be mass deployed to a scheduled release cycle into the field.

Jörg Palm, Chief Marketing Officer, Option:
“There is no single standard at the edge, because each vertical market brings its own hardware and interface protocol specifications. Option’s unique modular gateway, with its swappable expansion cards, provides the flexibility to connect almost any asset in any IoT vertical market at the highest quality and lowest total cost of ownership. In addition, Option’s unique LuvitRED software suite integrates the software protocols of the customer’s assets and applications seamlessly to the Cumulocity IoT platform. This combination provides a real end-to-end solution for customers!”

LuvitRED is Option’s latest enhancement to the CloudGate solution, delivering a visually configurable agent for the design and deployment of smart IoT solutions using CloudGate wireless gateway devices. LuvitRED overcomes complexities of the vast variety of protocols used in different IoT verticals and delivers true IoT Edge Computing. With LuvitRED, stable and reliable IoT applications can be built and delivered faster, with less cost and risk. Processes that used to take days, weeks and months – even before testing and review – now take only minutes or hours. Cumulocity’s Device Management capability provides the administration and management of the Edge Analytics applications, models and configuration data. The platform’s bulk operations completely remove the complexities of mass deployments by executing update schedules for any number of groups of devices which are monitored in real-time. Roll-outs that would have consumed the resources of many field technicians are now avoided. The integrity of the device data presented to the customers’ business applications is now assured during the transition.

Bernd Gross, CEO, Cumulocity:

“Edge analytics is a powerful enabler for IoT services like predictive maintenance, which can significantly improve customer experience and reduce operational costs. Historically, the complexity of the development and deployment of the analytics model has slowed its adoption. The combination of the Option Cloudgate LuvitRED and Cumulocity IoT Platform allows customers to focus on the value of edge analytics and avoid the inconvenience of managing the practical deployment of these models. This provides all organisations with a low effort way to adopt edge analytics, and the reassurance that it will be commercially ready at scale as soon as required.”

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