Digita Oy: Nationwide IoT network to be built in Finland

Digita Oy: Nationwide IoT network to be built in Finland

Digita plans to build a nationwide network enabling Internet of Things (IoT) in the autumn of 2016 in Finland.

The network coverage will be 85% of the population and around 95% of enterprises, the primary target group of the network. Thanks to Digita’s high masts and bidirectoral LoRa technology, diverse connected devices can be controlled easily and cost-efficiently in the network. Digita is a stable domestic network operator with solid experience and expertise in network design and maintenance.

“The range of the digital applications of IoT is almost unlimited – and already achievable. IoT offers great business opportunities for Digita and other Finnish companies in the coming years,” says Juha-Pekka Weckström, CEO of Digita. Weckström notes that Digita’s existing intrastructure supports the IoT network very well. Digita estimates that, by 2023, almost 20 million IoT sensors will have been installed across Finland, monitoring and easing our everyday lives.

The practical applications of IoT include facilities automation solutions and smart traffic. COO Markus Ala-Hautala provides an example of the applications of the network:

“An apartment rental company such as VVO Group can make use of the Digita IoT network in optimising their residents’ living comfort and the healthiness of the building by adjusting living conditions on the basis of data transmitted over the network.”

Digita plans to extend the IoT services to other areas after the network expansion, and as services develop and customer demand increases.

Digita broadcasts radio and TV programmes reliably to all of Finland, every day of the year. Applying cutting-edge digital technology, we also develop and supply versatile Internet TV and radio services along with services based on our comprehensive network infrastructure. Our clients are media houses and mobile and broadband operators that provide the very best contents.

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