Gemalto announces world’s first GSMA security accreditation for eSIM subscription management

Gemalto announces world's first GSMA security accreditation for eSIM subscription management

Gemalto, has become the first supplier in the world to undergo the GSMA Security Accreditation Scheme (SAS) certification for Subscription Management (GSMA SAS-SM), thereby providing MNOs with exacting standards of protection for sensitive data in M2M and IoT applications.

The landmark announcement follows the recent GSMA certification process of LinqUs On-Demand Connectivity for the production and personalization of Gemalto’s UpTeq eSIM (embedded SIM), in June 2016. The second SAS certification relates to the Gemalto secure data center in Tours, France for both SM-DP (Subscription Management Data Preparation) and SM-SR (Subscription Management Secure Routing) operations, and will establish Gemalto as the first company offering end-to-end GSMA SAS-SM compliant solutions for the provisioning and management of cellular subscriptions for M2M and IoT applications. As a result, Gemalto ensures MNOs can support innovative customer deployments with the required level of security and interoperability.

Cellular M2M and LPWA[i] could represent 20% of the global M2M market by 2020[ii]. The new generation of eSIM is providing a platform for dramatic growth in M2M and IoT applications such as autonomous cars, smart energy and industry 4.0. It facilitates out-of-the-box connectivity and remote subscription management of connected devices in the field, However, the threat of hacking attacks represents a major concern for OEMs and MNOs. Gemalto’s comprehensive security accreditation addresses these concerns, by offering a secure end-to-end eSIM management solution. It extends from initial personalization of the eSIMs that are installed in connected devices at the manufacturing stage right through to the remote download, activation, deactivation and deletion of subscription profiles. Risk is minimized and MNOs are provided with a fully accountable record of the security measures taken to protect sensitive data.

“GSMA accreditation for both our eSIM subscription management and data provisioning capabilities confirms Gemalto’s leadership position in the rapidly growing M2M and IoT markets,” said Benoit Jouffrey, Vice President of On-Demand Connectivity for Gemalto.

“We make it far easier for MNOs to leverage their network assets and develop valuable new income streams by creating trusted ecosystems that will resist even the most sophisticated hacking attacks.”

[i] Low Power Wide Area
[ii] GSMA report, “Mobilising the Internet of Things”

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