KORE Position Logic Powers GPS SmartSole Solution for Patients and Caregivers

KORE Position Logic Powers GPS SmartSole Solution for Patients and Caregivers

Position Logic Provides Location-Based Technology and Named North America Distributor of GTX’s SmartSoles for Tracking and Recovery.

KORE, the people powering IoT innovations and opportunities, today announced that the company will integrate GTX Corp’s, GPS SmartSole® into the Position Logic platform. Additionally, Position Logic will be a distributor of GPS SmartSoles in North America.

GPS SmartSole combines a miniaturized GPS device and cellular communicator to send coordinates of loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism or any other cognitive memory disorder to their caregivers. GPS SmartSoles look and feel like regular insoles, and allow the wearer to be free from the stigma of visible bracelets, pendants and other traditional tracking devices. GPS SmartSole technology is integrated with a mobile app that allows caregivers to track their loved ones in seconds, lessening their worry and anxiety about wandering.

Per the agreement, Position Logic customers will now be able to purchase GPS SmartSoles as a hardware on the Position Logic platform and then offer it to end-users in the personal tracking space.

“Currently there are 100 million people worldwide who are part of this at risk wandering group, including patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism and traumatic brain injury, and that number is expected to reach 277 million by 2050. We’re happy to be working with Position Logic on this integration/distribution agreement and are eager to see the results we know they can drive in North America to help this population,” said Tom Adams, VP Sales Strategy.

Felix Lluberes, executive vice president, advanced applications, KORE, said:
“Position Logic is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to support and deliver greater value to our service providers.”

“With the integration of the SmartSole device in our device library, our service providers can differentiate themselves and offer additional personal monitoring and tracking services. The SmartSole hardware unique form factor presents several advantages especially around people prone to wandering or getting lost.”

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