Safran Identity & Security Trusts in Comprion Network Bridge for Remote SIM Provisioning Testing

Safran Identity & Security Trusts in Comprion Network Bridge for Remote SIM Provisioning Testing

Comprion has announced today that they supply Safran Identity & Security with their Comprion Network Bridge software solution.

As a global leader in security and identity solutions, Safran Identity & Security uses Comprion Network Bridge for testing eSIM provisioning scenarios such as changing the profile or the associated SM-SR server.

Jens Christoph, in charge of eUICC M2M test solutions at Comprion, explains:
“This testing task is very complex as it involves a variety of components, like eUICC, mobile device, mobile network, and different servers such as MNO, SM-DP, and SM-SR. In order to change, for example, the profile that contains the credentials for the mobile network access, SM-SR and SM-DP servers need to interact with the eUICC. Comprion Network Bridge provides a direct link between (e)UICCs and back-end servers independent of a real device, network, or network simulator. This reduces the testing complexity enormously.”

“Safran Identity & Security offers MorphoFlex, an innovative remote SIM provisioning solution combining products and services enabling the Connected Device market. Interworking and heavy testing of these solutions in the ecosystem is a must and powerful tools will contribute to deliver the best level of services to our customers. This optimization speeds up and enhances our development process enormously,” says Yves Portalier, Vice President and General Manager Telecom Business Unit at Safran Identity & Security.

Christoph adds:

“At Comprion, we are working intensively on new testing products needed by the emerging eUICC ecosystem. Only extensive testing of all components and their interoperability guarantees that the whole system finally works smoothly. This in turn is the base for the commercial success of launching eUICC-based services.”

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