Vodafone and Arrow Electronics link up with Internet of Things agreement

Vodafone and Arrow Electronics link up with Internet of Things agreement

Vodafone announced today that Arrow Electronics will become the first electronics components distributor to integrate Vodafone’s market-leading internet of things (IoT) technology into its IoT Things eVolved initiative as well as Arrow’s range of dedicated IoT modules and developer kits globally.

Arrow Electronics will sell Vodafone’s global IoT SIM as well as offer Vodafone managed connectivity as part of its eVolve IoT initiative. Arrow’s eVolve offering is a combination of hardware and software capabilities that dramatically simplifies the way original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), enterprises and suppliers build, deploy and manage connected and intelligent systems. eVolve is an end-to-end framework enabling businesses to deploy, manage, monitor, analyse and monetise secure connected devices throughout their entire lifecycle globally.

The combination of Arrow and Vodafone solutions creates a compelling offering with global network coverage, wireless and embedded edge technology, system integration, data platform and cloud integration, enterprise computing, IoT edge device connectivity and application enablement for millions of connected devices. The agreement will allow Arrow to market and resell network services tailored for customer applications

Vodafone IoT director Ivo Rook said:

“A strong ecosystem will be a significant driver to the future success of the IoT and we believe that relationships like this with Arrow Electronics will help to shape the sector. The global reach of Arrow is matched by the world class IoT capabilities of Vodafone.”

Arrow Electronics Vice President, IoT Global Solutions Aiden Mitchell added:
“We are all about providing the best components and the best service to our customers. Vodafone is a committed leader in IoT. We believe that this will be a relationship that will go from strength to strength.”

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