EnOcean Alliance brings self-powered wireless sensors to the cloud for an interoperable Internet of Things

EnOcean Alliance brings self-powered wireless sensors to the cloud for an interoperable Internet of Things

Standard-crossing advancements lead the way to a connected world integrating energy harvesting wireless control and leading protocols such as IoTivity, AllJoyn, IBM Watson and Hemis.

At the 2017 International CES (Las Vegas, January 5-8, 2017), the EnOcean Alliance will show its advancements of a self-powered Internet of Things (IoT).

This includes a cooperation with the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) and with industry leader IBM to develop interoperable self-powered wireless solutions as a standard for the Internet of Things.

The EnOcean Alliance will be showing maintenance-free wireless products working within the OCF eco-system, helping to create a fully connected and interoperable smart home and smart building solution. EnOcean Alliance promoter BSC Computer and member Digital Concepts will demonstrate gateway solutions to enable seamless communication in the IoT by connecting the EnOcean wireless standard with leading protocols like IoTivity, AllJoyn and IBM Watson.

Together with EnOcean Alliance promoter IBM, the organization will be showing the self-powered “sensor to cloud” IoT solution, which enables the integration of EnOcean´s wireless technology into the IBM Watson IoT Platform to conduct predictive and real-time analysis of facilities. Furthermore, the EnOcean Alliance will be demonstrating the latest speech controlled home automation systems, for example switching on lights or closing the blinds.

The EnOcean Alliance has made this possible through the creation of the latest EnOcean to IP and remote commissioning specification, which will also be integrated in the new specification program of the organization. Thus, the EnOcean Alliance combines its expertise in battery-less, wireless smart buildings and smart homes with the approach of an interoperable, standard-crossing communication platform connecting everything.

The EnOcean Alliance is one of the most established organizations in the field of smartly connected buildings. Its mission is to enable and promote intelligent buildings, smart home and IoT applications through the creation of a broad range of interoperable battery-less and wireless solutions. More than 400 member companies already have established a broad solution portfolio based on the EnOcean wireless standard. This enables devices to work without wires and batteries for a highly flexible and maintenance-free operation.

Way to a battery-less IoT
Graham Martin, Chairman of the EnOcean Alliance, says:

“Thanks to our cooperation with strong partners, we build the basis to directly connect battery-less sensor solutions to the Internet and thus to open IoT platforms. The user doesn’t need to worry about the technology used by the single components but can benefit from a seamless connectivity in his smart home — the main concept of the IoT.”

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