T-Mobile Delivers Simplicity to the Internet of Things with IoT Access packs

T-Mobile Delivers Simplicity to the Internet of Things with IoT Access packs

The Un-carrier’s new IoT Access packs come with Cat1 modules and wireless data to simplify and accelerate IoT development.

Since the launch of Un-carrier™, T-Mobile’s tackled and solved some of the worst pain points for consumers and businesses, and now, the Un-carrier’s bringing the same approach to the “Internet of Things” (IoT).

Today, T-Mobile unveiled two new simple, straightforward, low-cost IoT Access packs with wireless data – and a Category 1 (Cat1) module on us – to help accelerate IoT innovation and eliminate the pain of piecing together wireless IoT solutions.

Doug Chartier, Senior Vice President, T-Mobile, said:

“Like everything they do, the carriers over-complicate the Internet of Things, and that leads to more hassle and cost for customers. The wireless industry needs simpler options for IoT to take off, and that’s exactly what we’re delivering.”

In today’s market, if a device maker wants to create an IoT solution, they must buy a wireless module from one vendor then negotiate to purchase an overpriced data plan from a carrier – all before bringing their solution to market. That doesn’t encourage IoT development. It only helps line the carriers’ pockets, while stifling innovation and slowing time to market.

With T-Mobile’s IoT Access packs, new and existing customers can get everything they need – including modules and data – to develop the next great IoT solution. For applications that use a little data, customers can get up to 5MB of data per month for $20 per year per device in the first year and just $6 per year per device afterwards. For unlimited data at 64kbps, it’s just $25 per year per device, and for a limited time, these customers get $5 off the first year for each device. With both T-Mobile IoT Access packs, T-Mobile will cover the cost of a Sequans Cat1 module, via a bill credit from T-Mobile, up to $16 per module.

In addition, T-Mobile today announced plans to continue to help customers deliver the next-generation of devices for machine-to-machine communications. T-Mobile is continuing to work to deliver “Category M” and “Narrowband IoT” (NB-IoT), the next evolution of modules to help customers save money over time and take advantage of T-Mobile’s expanding LTE coverage, based on market and customer needs. Combined with the Cat1 modules available on T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network today, these future modules will provide another technology option to give customers choice in improved data speeds and a longer product lifecycle compared to 2G network technologies.

T-Mobile has already tackled some of the biggest obstacles slowing IoT innovation with solutions for IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions. In 2016, T-Mobile provided customers ways to future-proof their IoT solutions on today’s LTE networks with support for Category 1 modules; extended 2G network operations to support customer transitions to LTE through 2020; was first to open the door for wireless development at the platform level with Twilio; delivered wireless solutions for retail businesses with ignite by Inseego; and, most recently launched T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE, a new all-in-one connected car solution.

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