Simfony Mobile – Complex M2M Solutions Made Simple as a Business Model

sponsored iconSimfony Mobile is an ambitious European-based company offering global M2M connectivity services.

Their out-of-the-box solutions are at the same time cost efficient and easy to use thanks to the Simfony Management Platform.

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M2M Connectivity might seem simple to a specialist or a passionate professional, but in far too many cases, companies are reluctant to adopt the best solutions due to the perceived complexity of the process. This psychological factor hinders the adoption rate. That is why Simfony Mobile is dedicated to transforming the M2M connectivity services landscape through a user-friendly approach without compromise on quality or complexity of the solutions it provides.

Cloud Platform Connectivity is where Simfony Mobile capitalizes the most. With Simfony’s Cloud Connectivity option, SIM-enabled devices can securely connect and send data to the Simfony IoT Platform. Here, customers can instantly build, test and run custom IoT applications without the need to write a single line of code.

From stand-alone, well defined products – such as Cashless Payment – Vending Machines, Smart Agriculture, Cashless Payment -Electric Charging Stations, Connected Cabinets, Smart Environment and Smart Scale – to custom projects, Simfony Mobile delivers excellence at extremely competitive costs based on decades of professional experience. The Simfony team is dedicated to offer companies the ability to pick and choose the building blocks needed for their future IoT projects, from global connectivity to data analytics, all based on a cloud cost model.

Customer First M2M Solutions

Machines (devices) can easily be connected to applications using 2G/3G GSM-based, cellular communication services in over 180 countries worldwide. With Simfony’s Internet Connectivity service smart devices are connected directly to systems of choice, which are hosted on a public Internet infrastructure. Simfony’s VPN service allows customers to securely connect their smart devices directly to their own enterprise private network. This solutions is excellent for reusing existing back-end environment, while keeping sensitive information strictly tunneled from the SIM cards to the infrastructure.

Simfony platform is designed from the very beginning with enterprise integration in mind. All the features available within the IoT Platform (connectivity management, device management, reporting, just to name a few) are available via secure REST jSON/XML APIs, so can seamlessly integrate the management of existing IoT products within the ERP or CRM currently used by the customers. Simfony Mobile provides several Short Message Service (SMS) solutions addressing the specific needs of the M2M marketplace. The network keeps SMS messages private, and any SMS go through a secure platform.

Under the Hood – Simfony M2M Features

All Simfony M2M solutions are brought to their simplest form, so that the users can take decisions instantly. Behind the interface, however, there is a multitude of features. Starting from the network presence – for each SIM-enabled device, Simfony Management Portal provides real-time information regarding the Network Attach Status and Data Session PDP status for each endpoint. Moreover, instant network view is available for each SIM-enabled device. The platform also brings information regarding the current attached mobile network operator, PDP connection status, device information (IMEI) and provisioning information (APN, device ids, metadata and security credentials).

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Starting to use Simfony SIM cards on devices is also a seamless process. Based on the unique International Mobile Equipment Identification number (IMEI) of the hardware module that your SIM is currently connected with, Simfony platform automatically detects the hardware model, manufacturer and radio bands that the module is operating on.

The platform allows real time notifications and events, so that users can easily monitor their SIM-based deployments by viewing all relevant information at a single glance. Another important feature is the possibility to analyze current and historical data for each individual device and for all traffic bearers (SMS, data).

It is essential to be in control of the costs at any time, therefore, billing information is presented for each provisioned SIM card as well as aggregated information for the entire SIM fleet. On demand activation/de-activation with no contract per SIM is built at the core of all Simfony products.

Location-based service allows customers to query and instantly find the geographic location of any of their wireless devices on the Simfony Mobile network. Bear in mind that the service is 100% network based and no extra software is needed. It uses Cell ID, ECID and Assisted GPS information to provide location information based on supported Mobile Networks worldwide. It works with any device, including even non-GPS enabled devices.

Each Simfony SIM card can be easily configured via the web portal so that all custom deployment requirements are met. Configuration options include enabling or disabling Data or SMS services, APN credentials authentication and authorization, device-based locking, as well as global operational service areas definition.

Data usage control is extremely important, therefore, data Alerting and Data Capping help you monitor and control data usage. Simfony Portal provides tools to run reports and gather data for your SIM-enabled devices. Reports can provide information for the entire devices fleet, a specific group of devices, or a single device. Custom reports can be easily built using: Network Registration (operator name/country); Mobile Data Traffic (bytes in/out/total); SMS Traffic (SMS-MO/SMS-MT); Location Data (Cell IDs); Device (IMEI). Each report can be assigned to a custom Dashboard of choice, in order to group graphs based on requirements.

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See Simfony Connect in Action!

Each M2M solution from Simfony is unique, specifically tailored to the customer’s needs. At the core of everything is the amazingly versatile Simfony platform. The best way to convince yourself how easy it is to start your M2M project is to try it. Their SIM cards work on global level, so, wherever you are, start building your applications with us. They are offering you:

  • Up to 3 international data SIM cards
  • Up to 100 MB of traffic for your automation projects
  • 3 months trial for creating your own M2M systems
  • Free Access to the smart Connectivity Management platform
  • Free IoT Workshop with the experts

More info at :

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