Christenson Transportation selects Orbcomm’s logistics tracking solution for their trailer fleet

Christenson Transportation selects Orbcomm's logistics tracking solution for their trailer fleet

Increases fleet utilization and reduces costs across the business.

ORBCOMM Inc. today announced that it has been selected by Christenson Transportation, Inc. (Christenson) to provide an industry-leading logistics tracking solution for their trailer fleet.

ORBCOMM’s end-to-end solution will provide wireless connectivity through its proprietary hardware and a web-based reporting platform for optimal fleet management.

A successful truckload carrier based in Springfield, MO, Christenson specializes in hauling high-value, high-risk and time-sensitive freight including tires, pet food, paper, electronics and other general commodities for customers across North America. Christenson is using ORBCOMM’s end-to-end telematics system, which is self-powered with solar recharging technology and does not require external power, to track and monitor its dry van trailers located at multiple locations. The device’s ruggedized, sealed and waterproof solar panel provides continuous power to rechargeable batteries, offering reliable service without maintenance or battery changes for the typical life of the asset. The complete ORBCOMM solution installs easily in less than 15 minutes, enabling Christenson to reduce its installation resources and costs by more than 60 percent.

ORBCOMM’s solution includes a robust web application with data reporting and analytics capabilities to increase visibility and security of Christenson’s dry van trailers, whether they are en route or unhooked sitting in a yard. ORBCOMM’s telematics solution also integrates with the McLeod LoadMaster™ dispatch software platform, enabling Christenson to capture near-real-time asset data every 15 minutes, including operational condition, start/stop reports, scheduled maintenance and GPS position, through one comprehensive system.

“The ORBCOMM solution ensures that Christenson can continue to manage their growing trailer fleet across multiple locations and maintain the highest levels of quality transport, security and service for their customers and their high-value assets,” said Marc Eisenberg, ORBCOMM’s Chief Executive Officer. “We’re able to give Christenson full visibility into their supply chain to increase asset utilization, turn times and driver productivity.”

“ORBCOMM is a great partner, and their dry van solution has exceeded our expectations – from the ease of installation to the seamless integration with McLeod to the efficiencies we’re achieving across the business,” said Don Christenson, President and CEO of Christenson Transportation, Inc.

“By utilizing the ORBCOMM system, we no longer waste our drivers’ time and fuel looking for lost trailers, picking up the wrong trailer or unexpectedly having trailers out of service, which is a tremendous value-add for our company.”

Christenson expects to complete deployment of ORBCOMM’s solution in the second quarter of 2017.

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