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Sigfox Selects LuxCarta for Global IoT Network Deployment Geodata Requirements

Sigfox Selects LuxCarta for Global IoT Network Deployment Geodata Requirements

LuxCarta delivered its latest countrywide geodata data sets to leading low power wide area network (LPWAN) operator Sigfox earlier today.

The company has provided geodata for over 50 countries in the past two years in support of the operator’s global network buildout.

Michaël Cantineau, head of Global Network Solutions for Sigfox, said:

“LuxCarta’s Planner data sets, in particular its clutter and PopMaps products, are the perfect input to our design processes and RF planning software. We trust the accuracy of their products and appreciate the global archive they have of data readily available to meet our requirements.””

Sigfox is the world’s leading provider of connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT). Its global network is available today in 30 countries representing a population of 486 million people, and is scheduled to cover 60 countries by 2018.

LuxCarta serves the needs of global operators and their vendors deploying wireless networks. The company is the leading provider of geodata – including terrain data, clutter/land use and 3D building polygons – used by engineers in RF planning software to deploy and optimize their networks. LPWAN operators such as Sigfox and others utilizing LoRa technologies are a growing new segment of the market attracted by LuxCarta’s product quality and “on-the-shelf” data catalogue.

“We have a strong working relationship with Sigfox and look forward to supporting their expansion around the world,” added Albéric Maumy, managing director of LuxCarta.

LuxCarta’s PopMaps are especially relevant for operators and vendors deploying IoT/LPWA technology that do not have an existing network or data statistics to determine where to expect their traffic demand. PopMaps assign population data from census or other available sources to clutter products that segment the Earth’s surface into land use categories. It’s even possible to have the population data segmented by day or night location.

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