Deutsche Telekom simplifies entry to smart home market

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Portfolio enables partners to implement new pricing models and integration into alternative gateways. White label portfolio now available in Slovakia and Norway. AV-Test renews certification of the platform’s excellent protection properties.

The Deutsche Telekom white label portfolio for smart homes makes it easy for business partners to enter the market with new services, like new pricing models, and the possibility to integrate smart home functionality into alternative gateways.

The integrated Qivicon smart home platform has expanded its international presence by offering consumers new devices for security and convenience. The smart home platform also boasts certification and high security: Qivicon was recently granted the ISO 9001 quality management certification, and has also received the highest possible rating from AV-Test, the independent institute for IT security testing.

White label portfolio for fast market entry

When companies expand their core business through the addition of a smart home solution, they are simultaneously developing new business areas with the potential to generate more revenue – not to mention greater customer loyalty. Deutsche Telekom’s white label portfolio for smart homes makes entering this market quick and easy.

The portfolio combines the open and secure Qivicon Smart Home platform with smart home gateways, apps, devices and services. Companies have many options to tailor the offering to meet their individual needs and those of their customers. For example, the Qivicon Home Base smart home functionality can be integrated into existing gateways, and different pricing models can be defined. This provides smart home customers with freedom of choice – they can opt for a one-time payment or a monthly fee. The white label app also provides new opportunities for optimizing customer loyalty and retention. Consumers start out with a basic version of the app, and add new functionality as required, enabling them to gradually upgrade to a premium version, in a very affordable way.

Expanding business with smart home solutions is a logical step towards more revenue, especially in the telecommunications sector. Due to their infrastructure, telco providers already play a fundamental role in the homes of consumers. And they have vast experience in the marketing and billing of services that puts them in a strong position to serve customers in their digital homes of the future.

Thomas Rockmann, Vice President Connected Home, says:

“Our white label portfolio for smart homes makes it easy for telecommunication providers to enter this market.”

“If companies offer their customers applications including Internet, telephony, television and smart home from a single source, they are sure to strengthen customer retention. What’s more, the basic app is an attractive way to generate customer interest in connected home solutions: consumers can try it out over a period of time and then upgrade to a premium smart home version with more functionality later, if they wish to do so.”

White label portfolio now available in Slovakia and Norway

Since early February a smart home offering based on the white label portfolio has been available to customers of Slovak Telekom. It combines the open and secure Qivicon platform, the new Qivicon Home Base, the white label app and compatible devices from various manufacturers. “The comprehensive portfolio has enabled us to develop a smart home offering that addresses the demands of our customers. It is also a perfect match in terms of our core business as well as our aspiration as a leader in innovation,” says Juraj Bóna, Director of B2C Marketing and Product Management at Slovak Telekom and T-Mobile CZ. In addition to applications that save energy and improve convenience, Slovak Telekom is emphasizing the security aspects of the connected home that are important to customers.

In Norway, consumers will soon enjoy the benefits of smart home solutions based on Deutsche Telekom’s white label portfolio. Nettalliansen, a group of 47 businesses that are mainly regional utility companies which deliver broadband, energy and energy grid services, will be offering its customers ambient assisted living solutions for seniors and professional health services under the brand of Hitch. Furthermore, smart home functionalities for managing energy consumption will also be available.

New partners – Centralite and Sengled

Centralite and Sengled will deliver products that will add to the range of 200 compatible devices already available. Sengled, a well-known and established manufacturer of intelligent lighting, will make its innovative lighting solutions compatible with Qivicon. Centralite will offer items such as smart plugs, motion sensors, door and window contacts, plus water detectors, in the Slovak market. Devices from these partners will enhance the wide selection already available for end users, especially in the area of security and lighting.

Certified and tested

In order to constantly improve the quality of products and processes, Deutsche Telekom has ensured that its smart home solution is fully certified according to the ISO 9001 quality standard. This certification is recognized worldwide as the “gold standard” when it comes to quality management.

Ongoing further development is also crucial in terms of IT security. For the third time on behalf of Deutsche Telekom, the independent IT security testing institute AV-TEST GmbH has conducted in-depth testing of the Qivicon Smart Home platform and the Magenta SmartHome app. The result is “Excellent protection” (01/2017). According to AV-Test, the Smart Home platform prevents external manipulation and ensures secure communication.

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