Ayyeka to Display First Industrial NB-IoT Ready Edge Device At MWC

Ayyeka to Display First Industrial NB-IoT Ready Edge Device At MWC

Upcoming Wavelet will bring together NB-IoT and edge analytics capabilities in an industrial-grade, low-power edge device.

Ayyeka, a provider of end-to-end remote monitoring solutions for the Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT), will display the first NB-IoT ready version of its Wavelet edge device at Mobile World Congress (MWC) next week.

The upcoming version of the Wavelet, a remote monitoring platform for industrial assets, also supports edge analytics – the process of conducting data analytics directly onboard the devices offline and in-field rather than on a centralized server.

By analyzing data directly on the network edge, these smarter IoT devices are capable of reducing their transmission frequency by only reporting significant events as well as by autonomously taking actions based on the information they collect. Removing the need to transmit all captured information also improves the data overhead of the devices and extends their battery life.

Ayyeka’s Wavelet devices, which already support GSM (2G, 3G) and LPWAN (Sigfox, LoRa) networks, achieved certification from Verizon last summer to operate on the company’s CDMA networks. The addition of NB-IoT – cellular providers’ narrowband alternative to the sprawling panoply of LP-WAN networks – offers ultra-lower power consumption and reduced peak data rates.

Ahead of the displaying of the NB-IoT Wavelet at Mobile World Congress, CTO of Ayyeka, Dr. Yair Poleg, commented:

“The development of an NB-IoT enabled device with onboard edge analytics support is a fulfillment of Ayyeka’s vision of creating value by streamlining the collection and analysis of data from dispersed assets. LP-WAN technologies have given low-power edge devices like our Wavelet, far-reaching capabilities. The addition of NB-IoT is a significant enhancement to the list of networks that our edge devices support.”

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