Reliance group’s Unlimit and Cumulocity partner to deliver IoT solutions and services in India

Reliance group’s Unlimit and Cumulocity partner to deliver IoT solutions and services in India

Unlimit, powered by India’s Reliance Group, the first dedicated IoT business unit of any telecom operator in India, and Cumulocity, the leading Internet of Things (IoT) software platform provider, today announced a strategic partnership to deliver IoT solutions in India.

The partnership extends Unlimit’s connectivity offering with Cumulocity’s advanced IoT application enablement platform. The combined offering enables Unlimit’s customers to benefit from rapid machine, sensor and device integration; data collection and normalization; and real-time analytics for condition monitoring. It further offers predictive maintenance and supply chain automation; comprehensive device management and remote control; vertical application configurable real-time dashboards; and fast and affordable enterprise IT integration.

Mr Juergen Hase, Chief Executive Officer of Unlimit, said:
“With the number of connected devices in India projected to rise from 200 million today to 3 billion by 2020, nearly every part of the economy will be positively impacted by IoT. We are delighted to partner with Cumulocity to unlock the full potential of IoT for our customers and make the benefits of IoT virtually UNLIMITed.”

The Indian market has the perfect eco-system to fully exploit the benefits of the Internet of Things with the necessity to manage extremely high usage public and commercial services for many diverse consumers and enterprises at the lowest cost. Recent analyst reports predict that IoT in India will grow at a CAGR of 28% over the next 5 years, which may result in technological leapfrogging of more established economies. Early benefits are already anticipated in many sectors such as transport, wellness, healthcare, buildings, home, factories, agriculture, livestock, electric grids and water supply networks.

Mr Bernd Gross, Chief Executive Officer of Cumulocity, said:
“In Unlimit and the Reliance Group, we have found very strong strategic partners to exploit substantial opportunities for IoT in the Indian market.”

“The combination of Reliance Group’s vast vertical market expertise, Unlimit’s innovate business approaches and Cumulocity’s world-leading IoT software platform allows the fast-evolving Indian market to step up to rapidly build, secure and deploy state-of-the-art IoT solutions in an extremely cost efficient way.”

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