Gemalto accelerate IoT innovation with new rapid prototyping tool

Gemalto accelerate IoT innovation with new rapid prototyping tool

Gemalto is introducing a rapid prototyping tool that will speed and simplify the creation of new Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The Cinterion® Connect Shield development board utilizes the popular and highly accessible Arduino1 design environment, and features an intelligent modem chipset optimized for low power IoT devices that can deliver extended battery life.

The Cinterion® Connect Shield is the latest addition to Gemalto’s portfolio of development tools, which help designers and systems integrators develop IoT and M2M ideas based on the company’s robust connectivity modules. For the first time, it will be possible to test and prove concepts that employ Gemalto’s LTE Cat. 1 wireless connectivity technology, using the familiar Arduino board format and programming language. Access to IoT prototyping will be broadened and time to market reduced, speeding the roll-out of innovative and efficient solutions.

Gemalto’s Cinterion® Connect Shield roadmap also includes rapid migration to the latest Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) standard, which is designed to support applications that prioritize long battery life and reliable connectivity in challenging environments, such as below ground. Adoption of NB-IoT will therefore facilitate a host of new IoT and M2M applications, including sensing and monitoring initiatives for the smart city and smart agriculture, and intelligent metering in the utilities sector.

“The new Cinterion® Connect Shield rounds out Gemalto’s extensive developer tool kit designed to connect, secure and monetize a new breed of IoT solutions,” said Andreas Haegele, Senior Vice President of the IoT Products Business Line at Gemalto.

“We are helping passionate IoT developers invent new applications that are smarter and more efficient than ever before.”

1 Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on affordable and easy-to-use boards and software. It is employed by a global community of designers and developers to program microcontroller-based systems that can sense and control objects in the physical world. Shields plug directly into Arduino boards to provide additional features and functionality.
The Cinterion® Connect Shield combines the well-known Arduino form factor with highly efficient wireless connectivity and a wide range of interfaces to enable maximum flexibility in building IoT proof-of-concepts (PoC). The shield delivers optimized bandwidth performance along with a basic set of sensors and an external antenna for optimal signal reception, all at an attractive price point. Available immediately with LTE Cat. 1 wireless connectivity and 2G fallback, the solution will migrate to the newest Narrowband-IoT technology (NB-IoT) in Q2 2017 offering even more efficiency. This gives IoT professionals and inventors the opportunity to experience the benefits, diversity and scalability of the global cellular ecosystem.
The Cinterion® Connect Shield will be soon available for purchase on Gemalto webstore.

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