How the IoT has Benefitted Education in the U.S.

How the IoT has Benefitted Education in the U.S.
The internet has become deeply rooted in educational systems around the world and e-learning has become common practice in many schools and colleges around the United States. But, the benefits of the internet don’t just stretch to the use of computers and smart devices in schools. With numerous applications in education, the Internet of Things (IoT) allows schools to significantly improve the safety and security of their campuses, keep better track of core resources, and provide both students and teachers with enhanced access to information.

IoT in Higher Education

The IoT can be used to enhance the education process from as early as kindergarten and right through to graduating from high school. However, perhaps the most profound effect is experienced by those undertaking higher education programs, for example, an online MPA degree. Today’s students, especially those studying at the collegiate level, are increasingly shunning traditional paper textbooks in favor of their laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. Not only does this trend provide increased convenience for students by allowing them to learn online, it can make the process more convenient for professors who can use devices connected to the cloud to gather important data on their students and offer them a more personalized experience.

What is the Future for IoT in Education

Today, the internet plays a huge part in education and is not only used as part of on-campus lectures, seminars, and workshops but also enables certain students to gain their degree remotely with online-only programs, such as an online public administration degree, which is widely available from many reputable colleges. With almost 100% of all U.S. public schools having internet access, the education system has a great foundation for the IoT to build on and transform education as we know it. In the future, students may benefit from being able to use their mobile devices more in class to automate tasks such as research, note taking, and schedule checking. Many applications are already available to help students with this!

Benefits of IoT for Schools

By embracing the Internet of Things, schools can gain several different advantages. Perhaps one of the best is that the IoT can enable schools to be more environmentally friendly, perhaps by using smart devices to control the heating and cooling in the building. This kind of technology can even be installed in older schools and can also be used to gather data on the school’s energy usage to determine the best ways to reduce it. Additionally, the IoT can also be used to make schools more secure for students, for example with smart devices that give students and staff access to and from the building.

Improved Standard of Education

There are already many examples of how the Internet of Things has improved the standard of education in American schools. SMART is a tech company that pioneered the first interactive whiteboard in the world back in 1991; a product that is now used in many classrooms, helping the education system move away from traditional chalkboards, which dominated education for decades.

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